Tuesday, April 22, 2014

A Quick Catch Up Post for March

I’ve had such fun posting about our cruise that our day to day posts were put on the back burner.  Here’s a few things that we were up to in March.

Birthdays abounded!  I can’t believe that my ‘little’ niece Rebecca turned 15!!  (Seen here with her wonderful friend Janelle)IMG_2058

Grandpa celebrated his birthday in mid March.  (The girls did their own makeup.  Betcha couldn’t tell!! )IMG_2997


We’ve spent some fun times with my brother and his family this past month.  The consistent theme for the girls are their princess dresses.  Love this age!!IMG_2996

Nana celebrated her birthday too!IMG_2985


At the end of the month Hannah enjoyed a wonderful afternoon celebrating at one of her little friend’s birthday at a party where they painted ceramics.  She loved this!!IMG_3096

Cuddle time with Papa. IMG_3007

St. Patrick’s Day


Hannah took her Baby Simba to Show and Share at school.  She is to prepare clues about her friend to tell the class to help them guess.  Her clues were: 

  1. He is a boy
  2. He is yellow
  3. He has paws
  4. He has a tail


Hannah and Makenna also found out something really exciting in March!!


This evening my brother Dave babysat the kids while the mommies went out to plan our dining for our trip.  SO much fun to be making plans to be at Disney with my brother, SIL Trish, niece Makenna and nephew Kallen.  2 other families that we’re friends with will also be there the same week so we have bits of time planned with each of them too.  A wonderful combination of time with family and friends plus lots and lots of Hannah and Mommy time alone, something Hannah and I both cherish!

March in a nutshell.  Now, to work on April posts.


  1. haha. The Disney cruise wasn't enough Disney for one year? lol. I love anything Disney but I don't think i'd be able to go a Disney theme vacation more than once a year.

    1. LOL! Some people have cottages or summer homes that they visit frequently. For Hannah and I Disney is our vacation destination! The countdown to September is on!

  2. Have you ever considered picking a particular topic from all of your Disney experiences and write an article for a family magazine?

    1. That would be fun! Should I ever be asked to do something like this it would be something to consider for sure!


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