Sunday, September 29, 2013

Playing Around for a Worthy Cause!

A friend of ours is a paramedic and she and some co-workers are raising funds to go on a medical mission to Africa in the new year.  (Sadly as we were on one side of the world raising money a terrible tragedy was taking place on the other side of the world, close to where they will be going.  Praying for safety already!) 

One of their fun raisers that we were invited to was a pig roast with games, food and pony rides.  That had our names written all over it!!

We headed out as soon as gymnastics was over hoping each km of our long drive that the weather might improve.  We’ve been experiencing a beautiful fall with warmer than normal temps and lots and lots of sun.  Sadly this day started out as the exception to the rule, so much so that our first stop after gymnastics was to purchase new boots for Hannah as she had outgrown the ones she wore in the spring.

We took advantage of being close to another friend and her sweet daughter Grace and enjoyed lunch with them.  Suzanne and I met about 6 years ago while we were still in the early stages of waiting for our daughters and now they’re both home and had fun splashing in the puddles together!IMG_0926

Many of Hannah’s clothes are hand-me-downs from M3’s girls and in turn we share them with Grace afterwards.  I’m thankful both to have clothes given to us and also someone to share them with afterwards.  It’s fun to look at Suzanne’s blog and see Grace in outfits that Hannah once wore.

After lunch we hopped in the car and headed to the pig roast to meet up with Hannah’s best bud Ben and his family.  We hadn’t seen one another in a number of weeks so there were hugs all around.  The kids quickly set off to find the games and check out the prizes that could be won.  IMG_0927


This game was a favourite of all the kids.  Hehe!IMG_0938


The kids found the craft tableIMG_0936

although the jury is still out on whether more paint got on the paper or Hannah!IMG_0937

Each game meant tickets to be entered into the prize draw.  They quickly found our friend and she became the kids go to gal to have their names written on their tickets.IMG_0943

At the end of the day the Cinderella bag was filled with about 98% of tickets containing Hannah’s name so she won the prize she’d worked so hard for.IMG_0958

Unfortunately Ben was trying to win the prize that every other boy in attendance was and he was not successful.  Poor sweetie.  It was a lesson for both kiddos to learn the hard way.  Ben was heart broken and Hannah was suddenly in a quandary as she was happy for her own toy but felt badly and offered hugs to her buddy Ben.

Towards the end of the day when the rain stopped and the sun came out a pony and horse arrived for the kids to arrive and they were in their glory!  The first time she rode a pony she was just 18 months old and since then each time the opportunity arises she’s excited to ride again!IMG_0951

Check out her smile!!

In spite of the cold, rainy start we had a wonderful day with our friends!  I love the friendship Hannah and Ben share!



  1. I love all these cute pics. The soccer pictures are adorable, especially the last one!

  2. Hannah is getting so big, it has been a pleasure watching her grow. She has still got that beautiful smile each time i see a pic of her. As i have said before,, God placed her with a wonderful Mommy, to love her...such a blessing.


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