Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Hannah’s 2nd Day of JK–Adding the Bus Portion

Today we added the next part of the puzzle and after a minor bump of not knowing what bus number she was to go on, it went well.   I didn’t realize that there would be more than one bus at her stop both going to her school, but there is.  I have arranged with 2 sisters on her bus to walk her from the drop off at a school close to Ange’s  up to her house for me each afternoon.   Ange will put her on the bus each morning which is a huge blessing!  Who knew one of the biggest stresses in parenting would be the 10 minutes between when her bus arrived at the drop off location and Ange’s house?!

Mommy speaking with the bus driver ensuring she can go on his bus and finding out what I need to do to have it switched permanently.IMG_9128

My brave little girl walking up the steps of the bus for the first time.IMG_9130

First official seat on the bus. 


Once she was on board I ran to my car and quickly drove to the school.  Since I’ll normally be at work during this time I just wanted to know the routine so that I could have peace of mind while I’m there.

Hannah making her way into the school with the teacher’s responsible to get the kids from the bus to their classrooms.IMG_0804 - Copy

From here Hannah gave me a quick kiss on her way by and then she was on her way. 

I returned to the school at the end of the day to learn that process too.  Her ECE teacher took she and the other bus students from her class to the front of the school, keeping them inside until their bus arrived.  I was happy to know this step and to know that she was being watched so carefully as this area of the school is very busy with cars, buses and many children moving about.

Once again I hopped in my car and drove up to the school near Ange’s.  The bus arrived shortly after that and Hannah came off the bus holding the hand of her bus buddy who will be walking her to Ange’s each afternoon.  She was happy and excited after her day at school and we were off.  The walk isn’t far and she did well.  I am so thankful to have found these responsible girls to help me out.

So, day 1 on the bus is behind us and all-in-all it went well.  I never took a bus to school so this is a new stress for me but it’s been a good start and I can only hope it continues to go well.

Great job Hannah!  Once again, you made Mommy proud today!  IMG_0801


  1. As a former teacher of young children, you might want to talk with the mother of the two girls walking with Hannah to make sure that everyone knows the routine. For example, what if the girls are absent one day or have other plans not to take the bus. Hannah could be confused and not know what to do.

    1. Trust me...this is me we're talking about. The girls and their mom have all 3 of my numbers and 2 of Ange's. They know exactly what to do should they not be able to take Hannah home from the bus and that they need to contact both Ange and myself. When it comes to care for my child 'excessive' is a term I'm proud to wear.

  2. Way to go Hannah!!! She didn't look scared or nervous. I love how she looks with her Cinderella backpack.
    I cried buckets when I took the bus for the first time by myself.

  3. Funny, my oldest just took the bus home for the first time and he is in HS!!lol (Dad and I were both still a little nervous). He has just never had to ride the bus before.

    BTW do you have any allergy updates??

    1. No updates yet other than thankfully no further outbreaks. We have an appointment to see the allergist in October. Thanks for checking in.

  4. You have probably already thought of this but you should also get a name tag badge or some such to attach to her back pack. Put a simple little note with your contact information. "If I am lost please keep me where I am and use your cell phone to call my mommy".

    I have found kids that got off on the wrong stop and when they have easy contact information I can just whip out my phone and call their parents. That way the kid does not have to go anywhere with a "stranger"!

    1. This is a great idea! Thank you. In our area, the bus driver does not allow the JK and SK children off the bus without their caregiver right there but it never hurts to be prepared. Will add that to her backpack this weekend.

  5. Replies
    1. Yes, you're right! I was thinking this exact thing earlier this afternoon as Hannah and I were sharing some time together.


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