Monday, June 03, 2013

Three Precious Words

Friday morning I woke up to my little love excitedly saying, ‘Happy Birthday Mommy!’  It was the very best way to begin my day!!   As I was brushing my teeth she rushed downstairs and called up to me to hurry down.  When I got down there she had laid out a blanket and placed her gifts on it that she had chosen when shopping with Grandma and carefully wrapped herself.  So sweet!IMG_1425

Her card.  Oh how she melts me!!!  (LOL!  Don’t you just love the bedhead?!)IMG_1427

The Sunday before we had celebrated with Nana and Papa and they had given me a special gift that I have secretly longed for for a couple of years but never voiced to anyone – a Pandora bracelet.  I was thrilled!!IMG_1332

Hannah had gone shopping with Grandma Thursday night and chose special gifts for Mommy.  Here she is helping me open my last gift.

Hannah with her carefully chosen gifts for mommy.  I love all of them – especially because they were chosen by the love of my life!IMG_1435

Mom and Dad took us out to our favourite Chinese food restaurant.  Delicious and such a special time to share with Mom and Dad too.IMG_1447

They knew I wanted another charm for my bracelet so gave me money to purchase one as well as a planter for the garden.  I’m not going to keep my bracelet strictly Pandora and will be buying a Charmilia bead with a Disney theme.  Surprise, surprise!!IMG_1448

My brother Dave and his wife Trish invited us to go swimming with them Saturday and then back to their house for supper.  They surprised me with a beautiful cake that my SIL had made.  Thanks so much D&T! IMG_1476

To all who called and emailed – thank you!  Each of you are very special to me and to us!

This was a very special birthday from start to finish!!!  Hannah and I are so blessed to have one another as well as an amazing family and group of friends!IMG_1444


  1. Yay!! Happy birthday to the sweetest person I know. Big hugs and I'll see you in 27 days...

  2. Please be careful about putting other charms on it. Read your warranty carefully: "Wearing counterfeit charms, or charms by other brands on your PANDORA bracelet could damage the unique threading system and will void the warranty."

  3. WHO KNEW??? When I emailed you on Friday with an airline question and then asked what your plans were for the weekend and you replied b-day this and b-day that and I should have clued in!! Then when I went home and told the Mrs. I e-mailed Catherine today!! And she replied to wish he a Happy B-day? DUH!!! So sorry I totally missed it but it looks like you had a GREAT ONE!! Happy BELATED B-day I will catch you next year...maybe not!!! See you soon!!!

  4. Happy Birthday!!! What a sweetheart your daughter is! I have one charmilia charm on my now quite full bracelet and it hasn't been an issue. It fits just as well as the Pandora charms. Simply take your bracelet with you when you go shopping for your Disney charm. :-)

  5. Happy birthday! You're amazing. So glad we're friends!

  6. Happy belated birthday, dear friend. It sounds like you had a wonderful day. Hope you have an equally fabulous year filled with great memories and events.

  7. Happy Birthday, Catherine. Looks like you were celebrated in a very special way!


  8. Happy Belated Birthday, such a special day for such a special gal!


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