Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Precious Preschool Graduate!

My ‘baby’ is a preschool graduate!  Wednesday evening Grandma, Grandpa and Papa joined us at the church to celebrate Hannah’s graduation from Preschool.  Nana was away for the week but we know she was there in her heart.

The grandparents were on the ball and staked out the front row for our family.  Way to go!!IMG_1716

Entering to Pomp and Circumstance

The sweetest little Mama Pig ever!  Oh how I love her smile that lights up her entire face!DSC_1157

Bible Songs

Unfortunately it’s blurry but this is my little sweetie receiving her diploma

Celebrating with her friend Mya.IMG_1733 - Copy

Hannah and Ella.  They met day 1 of preschool and were friends from that moment on.IMG_1744

Group hug for the ladies.IMG_1734

Errr…maybe not so much!  Isn’t 4 a hoot?!!IMG_1737

More sweet silliness.IMG_1750

Hannah with her amazing teachers Mrs. Hebert and Mrs. DevittIMG_1746

We’re so proud of you Hannah XiaoFen!  Way to go!!!IMG_1751



Hannah, I know you are more than ready to begin Junior Kindergarten in September!  I’m glad your first year at school was such a wonderful success and am so thankful for all that your teachers taught you.  More than that I am thankful that they helped you fall deeper in love with Jesus!  You are a blessing sweetie and Mommy loves you more than she can express!  xoxoIMG_1749


  1. What a beautiful celebration! Congratulations, Hannah! Have a terrific summer. You are going to love kindergarten!

  2. Congratulations! What a special celebration!

  3. Beautiful smile. Congrats Hannah. (Love the rolling on the floor!)

  4. Cute!

    (love your new hair color, Catherine)


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