Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Such a Beautiful Graduate

Last Thursday we celebrated Rebecca’s Grade 8 graduation.  Where has the time gone?  I was blessed beyond measure to be invited into the delivery room when she was born and she grabbed hold of my heart with her first cry and has held on to it  since then.  We share a special relationship and I love her like crazy!

Wednesday she invited me to go on a grad field trip to see The Wizard of Oz with she and her class.  We had a lot of fun together shopping at The Eaton Centre in Toronto and then going to the theatre.   I wasn’t sure what it would be like following 6 teens around the mall but they were awesome and we had a lot of fun together!IMG_1840

Thursday evening was so fun as I was now familiar with her classmates and could enjoy cheering for each of them as they crossed the stage.  I’ll be honest though, my loudest cheers and heart were all for one special girl.  Our Bec Bec!!IMG_1853

She graduated with honours and was also the recipient of the French Award.  (I’ll keep this in mind when Hannah moves into French Immersion in Grade 1 since Mommy doesn’t remember much French at all.)IMG_1856

After the ceremony Hannah found her Bec Bec to give her flowers.

Hannah and Rebecca share a special bond and as funny as it may sound, they have a great time hanging out together.  I think these pictures speak volumes.IMG_1861


Rebecca’s teacher was wonderful!  IMG_1863

Many of us went to celebrate this special occasion with Bec.  Her dad, my brother Ken.  The rest of the family was there too but I didn’t get an opportunity to snap a picture of them all together.IMG_1872

Grandma and GrandpaIMG_1867

Tor.  The girls became friends as babies and their friendship has stood the test of time.  I’m really glad they’ll be back in the same school next year!IMG_1869

Auntie Cathy.  So proud of our girl!!IMG_1871

The evening ended (for the family anyway) with the traditional first dance with Dad but this one ended up being a family affair.    So much love for one little girl!

A teasing post with Daddy.IMG_1880

Younger brother Keenan dancing under duress. IMG_1883

Grandpa.  I have a picture like this of Dad and I dancing at my Grade 8 graduation.  How neat that Rebecca has this privilege too!IMG_1888

Rebecca, You are a beautiful girl inside and out and we are all blessed to know you and be your family!  All the best in high school!!  WE LOVE YOU!!!IMG_1872 - Copy


  1. What a beautiful young girl Rebecca is. How wonderful that you have such a close knot family all around you. Hannah looks grogeous in that dress.

  2. Pure love showing on every face. :-)

  3. What a beautiful and accomplished girl! Your family is so neat!


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