Monday, June 10, 2013

10 Drowsy Dinosaurs

Hannah amazes me!  Truly she does!!

I’m the first to admit that memory is something I have always struggled with.  Names escape me even when I’ve known someone for a long time.  Memorizing stuff for school, piano pieces or Bible verses was something that took A LOT of work and even then I did poorly.  The one exception for me was numbers but I must say that with speed dial and computers that remember numbers even those fail me often.  Sad smile  Watching many movies is disappointing as I can’t keep the characters straight and get them all mixed up.  Reading a mystery isn’t worth the time as the big reveal leaves me empty as I often can’t remember how the character fit into the plot.  Does anyone else struggle with this? 

I’ve learned at work to write ‘to do’ lists and detailed procedures for myself so that I can recall in the future what a task involves.  The project I’m currently working on has me completing a task and then sometimes not doing that same task for months and months so the procedures are helpful in remembering the details and steps required to accomplish what is asked of me.

Hannah, is the polar opposite to me and for that I am SO thankful!!  Her memory is amazing and is a gift that I pray she will always have and use.  Even though she is only 4 I have learned that if she says, ‘Mommy, Remember when….’ I don’t doubt her.  As she provides me with more details I can in fact remember what it is she’s speaking of and her details are normally spot on.

The book ‘10 Drowsy Dinosaurs’ (aka 10 Sleepy Dinosaurs) is one we received in her Junior Kindergarten orientation kit.  We’ve probably read it about half a dozen times since she received it.  Included in the kit were pages designed to be coloured and turned into puppets on popsicle sticks.  Hannah enjoyed this little project even though she got a little impatient at times and coloured like a maniac.  Winking smile

Once her puppets were all ready it was time for her show!  She created a little puppet stage using a foot stool and little chair.  This was the first time we ran read the book and she presented her little show and I think she did really well!  She thought it out first and got them in the order that they would be displayed.  Enjoy my little sweetie and her telling of, ‘10 Drowsy Dinosaurs’.

Great job Hannah XiaoFen!  I can’t wait for you to perform your puppet show for Mommy again!IMG_1506


  1. So cute!! I'm right there with you on the faulty memory!

    1. OY! Thankfully my internal compass still works or I'd be convinced I was falling apart at 40...something! :o)

  2. Oh my goodness! What fun!!! Love the creativity.

  3. That was just adorable! She did an amazing job!


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