Friday, November 02, 2012

Sweet Cinderella

Hannah is all about princesses right now and by far her favourite is Cinderella.  I had borrowed a costume from a friend when we went to Disney in August and when we got home I bought her a Cinderella dress from a local Disney store.  Choosing her costume for Halloween was an easy decision this way and she’s currently saying she wants a Princess Party for her 4th birthday.  That works!

I’ll admit that Halloween is my least favourite ‘holiday’ of the year but Hannah had such fun!  It was an opportunity to spend time with friends. dress up in a costume and run from house to house where people filled her Princess pail with candy.  It’s easy to see what she had a blast!

Our fun began Tuesday evening when we were invited to a nearby village to spend time with the 2 families we’d been with at Disney in August.  The kids enjoyed cookie decoratingIMG_8310

dry bobbing for apples andIMG_8311

pumpkin decorating.  Hannah is still a firm believer in ‘More is more!’  I think her pumpkin might be dry in time for next Halloween!IMG_8318

Halloween night we had fun with Ange and her family.  We are blessed not only to have the very best daycare provider but also to call this awesome family friends!  We had pizza for supper (along with the rest of the city I think based on the lines!) and then the kiddos couldn’t wait to get to the important business of Trick or Treating. 

In our little group we had CinderellaDSC_0706

an adorable little monkeyDSC_0711

witch andDSC_0713


What a group of cuties!!DSC_0736

Pre Trick or Treating excitement

A brief snippet of their trick or treating adventures.  The phrase, ‘Hannah, Wait for the boys.’ is one she heard more often than I can count.  It was a wet, cool night and my speedy princess wiped out on lawns at least 3 times but that never slowed her down.

Tonight we dumped out her candy to check out her stash.  She was in awe!  IMG_8353My little cutie immediately began to pull out the gum and hard candies and put them in a Mommy pile.  I also found a little package of pop rocks and gave her some.  She wasn’t too sure about them at first but soon after they were gone started checking to see if she could find more.

Now….it’s time to begin preparing for Christmas!  YAY!!!


  1. What are pop rocks? I don't think we have them in the US.

    1. They're tiny little bits of candy and when you put them in your mouth they begin to kinda explode and they kinda 'jump' in your mouth as they explode. They're really fun!

  2. Your little princess is just beautiful!

    And yes,we do have pop rocks in the US. :)


  3. She looks so much like Briana at 3 years old! Same costume at same age! And the "wait for so and so" - I cannot tell you how many times I have to say that to Bri in one night. I swear - we somehow have the same kid! I don't know how, but we do! LOL!!!!

  4. Do my eyes decieve me or is that orville popcorn?

    1. LOL! It sure is and you have to know that Mommy has her eye on that one! It's the same house that gives it out each year so Mommy makes sure we visit that one.

  5. Hannah is an adorable Cinderella:) So sweet!

  6. What a beautiful Cinderella! And a good crafter . . . I'd expect half of that glue and foam stickers, etc. to be all over the dress but it looks like the dress was spared! Good work Hannah!


    1. Yes, Hannah loves, loves, loves crafts and spends most of her free time colouring, cutting paper and taping. I could take out shares in the tape company! She's also neat with her clothes which mommy appreciates.


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