Thursday, November 22, 2012

Shopped ‘Til We Dropped!

(Tuesday, Nov 13, 2012)

Delivering Grandpa’s paper to him before we headed out to Panera to pick up breakfast.IMG_8556

Each year when we visit Mom and Dad in FL we have a major shopping day.  Tuesday was that day.  Mom and Dad were out with my Dad’s 2 brothers and their wives so the rest of us loaded into the van and set out for a day of shopping bliss!  I love Canada but am also the first to admit that we don’t have sales anything like they do in the US nor do we have the selections.  While on this trip I did my best to boost the US economy.  Winking smile

Hannah started off wearing her adorable new tutu but that was short lived when it was ‘itchy Mama!’IMG_8561

Bec did make good use of it though once Hannah changed it out for shorts.  Isn’t my niece gorgeous?!!  LOL…tutu and all!IMG_8574

This next picture makes me laugh.  You need to know that many Thursday evenings when Hannah is with my parents Hannah and Grandpa have a game that they play about where they should go for supper.  Hannah always wants ‘Old MacDonald’s’ and Dad says ‘Burger King!’  This fun game goes back and forth over and over but you know that ‘Old MacDonald’s’ wins every single week.  This day when we were out and Mom and Dad were elsewhere Hannah chose Burger King for lunch!  Heh!  We took this picture to show Grandpa and you know he gave her a hard time about it and she just laughed and laughed!IMG_8573

A full day of shopping meant spending 1-3 hours in each of our favourite stores:  Bealls, Khols and Belks.  The girls were nothing short of amazing as we spent this day together.  Here are some of the fun things they found to do when they’d finished looking at what they wanted in some of the stores.

Trying on hats.IMG_8567

Shoe modelingIMG_8579


Mirror funIMG_8570

I’m pretty sure she was trying to apply for a credit card here but couldn’t quite reach the buttons.  No problemo!  Christmas wrap did the trick!IMG_8577

OK Mama – I’m done!  IMG_8578

Alas, should you think we were finished shopping for the day – not quite yet.  We made a yummy supper of ‘CheezIt Chicken Fingers’ and while they were baking Hannah showed off her puzzle skills to Grandpa, Nana and Papa.  She loves puzzles and is able to do much of a 100 piece puzzle herself.  Wow!IMG_8582

After supper we headed to the square to attend a craft sale.  IMG_8588We didn’t stay out too late though as we needed to get a good night’s sleep.  Tomorrow – DISNEY!!!

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  1. Again a full and busy day for you! Glad you are enjoying the family time!


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