Wednesday, November 28, 2012

First Curls

Recently I saw a neat idea on a website I follow and knew immediately that I wanted to try it on Hannah sometime.  This was our first attempt and it was fun to see my little sweetie with something a little different – curls!

Friday night we dampened her hair just a little and then rolled it up in 4 socks.IMG_8818 - Copy


Ready for bedIMG_8822

I was wondering if sleeping might be a challenge with the socks but before I even left the room after her bedtime prayers my sweetie was sound asleep.IMG_8824

The next morning when we first took out the socks the curls were pretty fuzzy IMG_8826

but they soon settled down.   I think playing in our first snow of the season helped out.IMG_8833

This was taken about 8 hours later and the curls were still there.  Looking forward to trying this again some day as it’s a fun little change every once in a while.IMG_8852


  1. she looks quite delicate with curls.

  2. Oh that's so cute! I'm surprised she didn't mind sleeping with them in . . . good for her!


  3. Oh, I love her hair like this! Definitely a repeat! This hair style would be super cute with a Christmas dress and matching bows! Any excuse to shop, right! :)

  4. Very cute--I love the soft curls. I'll have to try this with Charlotte's hair. I remember the days when my mom used to wrap my long hair in rags. I used to have such poker straight hair that no amount of hairspray would help keep the curls. As I've gotten older, my hair has definitely changed--it now has a curl.
    What site do you follow? Is it cute girls hairstyles?

  5. Socks look a lot more comfortable than the hard curlers my mom has us sleep in and it looks like it worked out great! She is darling!

  6. Great curls - i should try that for myself one day.


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