Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Not Quite the Day We Planned but Still Fun

Monday was originally the day we’d planned for our annual Daytona Beach bloggy meet-up.  (2011, 2010)  Unfortunately due to car troubles for a new family joining us and sickness for others (my Dad included) we had to cancel this year’s get together.  We were sad to do so but look forward to seeing one another next year.

It became a day of going with the flow and just enjoying being together.  Mom and Hannah started their day with stories and then Hannah and I went to Panera Bread and a grocery store called, ‘Sweet Bay’ that she fondly called, ‘Sweeties.’  Each day as we’d drive by she’d call out, ‘Hi Sweeties!’  They also had fun kids carts which is always a perk in Hannah’s books.IMG_8528

Our relaxed day led us to breaking into groups of 2 and after ensuring Grandpa was snug on the couch with movies and a blanket the rest of us headed out.  Nana and Papa went in one of the golf carts to enjoy coffee on a patio.IMG_8530

Mom and Bec went to do some shopping while Hannah and I took the 2nd golf cart and went on an adventure.  I wasn’t too sure where we’d end up but the gorgeous weather meant that just being outside was a treat!  I decided to see if I could find Target which was about a 30 min ride on the cart.  Hannah and I talked and played together on our journey for a bit and then she snuggled down for a nap.  Deciding my best option would be to allow her to continue sleeping I changed up my plans and tried something new – went through a drive through in the cart!  Heh!  I went to Chick-fil-A and giggled to myself the entire time and wondered if my friend Pam had tried that way of enjoying one of her family’s favourite meals? Smile  i was even asked the gal at the pick-up window to snag a pic for me.IMG_8533

In the parking lot a gentleman saw me taking pics so he offered to take this one for me.  IMG_8535

Looking at these pics make me miss being in FL!

After lunch we headed back to the house to pick up Nana and Papa and then headed to Target.  The fact that we’d been in FL for 3 days before I visited Target was quite an accomplishment!   I can’t tell you how excited I am that they will be opening here in Canada in a few short months!  As Hannah would say, ‘Tar-get!  Tar-get!’IMG_8537

When we returned to the house we enjoyed some playtime and colouring together and then went for supper at the Red Lobster.  Hannah was pooped and didn’t even make it through supper before falling asleep and then stayed that way for th night.  Sweet dreams baby girl!IMG_8549


  1. I want a golf cart! What a fun trip. I wish I were in Florida right about now, since all the pretty leaves have fallen off the trees here and it's cold!

  2. You certainly keep your days full!! Love the drive through in a golf cart!!

  3. As soon as you have your dates for your trip, let's try for the Saturday or Sunday you are in Florida. Too bad it didn't work out this year. It is always such a good day. JMei will be in 1st grade and unless they have a Teachers' Workday, we won't be able to make it. We missed seeing you this year. Hannah is just beautiful!


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