Saturday, October 17, 2009

Oh! So This Is Nesting!!

When I was talking with my friend Carol tonight she finally helped me pin down what my current state of mind is....I'm nesting! :o) I've heard it happens to pregnant women late in their pregnancy and I'm now realizing that it happens to adoptive moms too...and it's happened to me!! Suddenly, when I should be packing like a mad woman and making sure everything for my trip is ready before leaving for China (in just 12 days!!!), I'm cleaning cupboards, drawers and closets like there's no tomorrow! In about 75% of the house, every closet, cupboard and corner has been emptied, tidied and cleaned. Last Saturday I even tackled the garage which had only been done once in the 12 years I've lived here.

What's the problem you ask? Well, it's that much of the 'stuff' that has been removed from it's normal place of habitation has been moved into the hallways upstairs and down. (Oh, and packing for Hannah and I for our trip is started but is nowhere near finished!! You'd think I'd be focused on that...nope. Not yet, but SOON!)

In the past I was able to freely walk from the main floor to my bedroom in the dark, knowing the exact path by heart and not really having to think about it. Now, not so much!! There are bins of clothing, a vacuum, toys and more filling my well-known path and walking it in the dark threatens bruised shins and purple stubbed toes! I know I should be packing but oh, cleaning the house is giving such a sense of accomplishment too! This is the home Hannah will come home to and when she's here I'm going to want to be with her, not cleaning out closets. (I have left my room partially because it's too much to handle right now and partially because it will be a good room to work on while Hannah is napping as I plan to stay close while she sleeps.)

So, it's a wonderful, fun time of nesting. I sometimes question my timing when I wake up in the morning and plan my 'To Do' list but at the same time, it feels amazing to open a cupboard without the fear of things falling onto my feet. Yes - it was sometimes that bad!

So, for now I nest, clean, pack, dream, giggle, gaze at pictures of Hannah and pray. Yes, my plate is full but I wouldn't want it any other way! I'M PREPARING TO BRING MY BABY HOME!!!!!!!!!!

A couple of other notes:
1. I know you're excited to see Hannah's nursery and it's almost 99% done so I hope to post pics early this coming week. Thank you for your patience and encouragement to share in the fun. I love her room and often stand in the doorway and just gaze into it...and dream!

2. I am terribly behind in blog reading and am sorry that I'm not commenting more. I'm trying to read but not commenting often. Thanks for understanding friends.

Now...gotta fly! There is more nesting to be done! LOL!


  1. Sounds like you are doing well..
    I am sooo excited.. we are both leaving on the same day for our kids.. One day I will be leaving and flying to China like you but in the meantime.. I will go pick up my son..
    Can't wait to see Hannah's room..
    Love ya..

  2. I have had a sneak peek of the nursery!!!!

    I am bragging just a little bit here!!!

    12 DAYS!!! I am soooooo excited for you!!!

  3. I can just "hear" your excitement - how fun! Don't worry about the packing thing... it WILL get done... it has to! As a mommy who gets NOTHING done each day, I say "you go, girl" to your cleaning binge! May I just suggest that a couple of days before you leave, whatever's not done you need to stash away out of sight so you don't come home to unfinished business... you'll get to it in a few years!

  4. Oh yeah!! You are definitely nesting!!!! Good way to pass the time! Can't believe you leave in 12 days!! Wow!!

  5. So, does that mean I was helping you "nest"? :)

    Birds of a feather,

  6. Yup that's nesting! Nest away my leave to bring home your daughter in 12 days!!

  7. Love the new blog look! WOW... 12 more DAZE!!! So excited for you. I think I did not pack until the day before.... I figured what I forgot I could get at Walmart or could do without. Can't wait to see the nursery.

    Lisa and Tate

  8. SO excited for you!

    I can't wait to see pictures of Hannah's nursery.

  9. nest away!! i was i am going to be in the nursery and thought i can't wait to hold hannah...she will be in the nursery the next time i am on!! yeah!!!

  10. Love the new blog look! 12 days - praying for safe and speedy travel!

  11. Awesome . . . nesting! I've done it before every child and didn't realize I was nesting until I was almost done. It's great! Besides, long drawn out packing is waaaaay over rated. Can't you just do what I did and start packing a half an hour before you have to be at the airport to travel to the other side of the world to pick up your baby? Hee hee . . . on second thoughts, don't do that either. :)


  12. I definitely went through this before the twins were born. It's cathartic, isn't it?
    Can't wait to see the finished nursery!

  13. Waiting to see the nursery! I can't wait!!

    Yep - nesting. I totally get it.

    How is your trip only 12 days away?! Oh my!!!

  14. You will change stuff around 100 times over when you kid starts accumulating stuff. Trust me. It never ends.

  15. I love your new blog design, but I really miss the side bar where you used to have all your bloggy friends listed. I had become a faithful follower of a couple of them and had never saved them to a favorites list. By the way I started reading your blog after one of your visits to Ro and Ree, I am a follower of their blog. Are you going to post your bloggy friends back on your side bar? Can't wait for updates on your China trip.

    Karen in Ottawa

  16. Love your new blog design. Danielle rocks!

    Enjoy your nesting!!

  17. I can totally relate. When we were completing our homestudy for foster to adopt, we knew we needed to clean out our two other spare rooms. So we cleaned the garage too and had a great sort out. We cleaned rooms, and just cleaned the whole house. I think it just felt good to have it done and to know that we wouldn't need to clean it out at some future point with kids under foot.

    Looking forward to seeing pics of Hannah's nursery, and you are 12 days away from traveling! Awesome!


  18. It is all about getting ready!!

    Keep smilin!

  19. Isn't nesting just the best? Hannah is going to come home and feel the love all around her that you are scrubbing and organizing into everything.

    I'm so excited for you!

    How much maternity leave will you have?

    Oh, I meant to ask if you have a nasal syringe for Hannah. She'll be too young to blow her nose and if she's stuffed up you'll want to clear out her nose, especially before she flies.

    And another tip: Bring a disposable camera just in case you run out of batteries, have any technical difficulties or want to hand it off to another person in your group just to have more pictures from another perspective. If you don't use it, you can give it as a gift.


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