Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Tips and Tricks: China Bound - Edition 2

Here are some of the great tips and tricks that were shared with me in the comments of the last 'Tips & Tricks: China Bound' post. Thanks to all who have shared from their experiences.

Small Scissors A couple of pairs of small scissors, packed in checked baggage will be useful for cutting larger holes in nipples and misc. tasks while away. Our babies are often used to rice cereal being mixed in their formula so the texture is much thicker. If this is the case with Hannah I will slowly remove the cereal over time but in the beginning I want to make the transition as easy as possible for her which might mean thicker bottles for now which will mean larger holes cut in nipples. Thanks for the tip Kim!

Mailing Tube Take a mailing tube from home (packed with little things like baby socks, toiletries, etc on the way to China) can be a great way to transport art, scrolls and other special purchases home without them getting bent, ripped or creased. Thanks for the great tip Jodi!

Prunes... yummo! It is not unusual for the babies to struggle with constipation when we get them and since prunes can be a challenge to find in China you may want to take some with you.(It's funny. When I read Stace's reminder about taking prunes I had just returned from the grocery store and buying Hannah's first jars of baby food...including prunes!) I know she might not be eating baby food but I'd rather be prepared when we get home by having some in the house rather than running to the store in our jet-lagged state.

As I mentioned last time, I'm hoping these tips will be helpful to others. If you do not agree with them or feel that they're unnecessary, that's just fine but please do not use the comments area to criticize what I and some others feel to be helpful information. Thanks!


  1. Another tip for constipation is white grape juice, which is quite easy to find in china and worked like a charm with our group.

    Also my best technique for making bottles was to premeasure into the bottle the proportions of formula and rice cereal, then when you required a bottle on the go, just add hot water from your thermos and a some bottled water to cool it down. Even when I got home I kept a thermos and bottled water and a premeasured botte for a quick middle of the night bottle (it sure saved running up and down stairs every night)

  2. Be careful with packing scissors in your carry on as they are usually not allowed with the strict security policies. Maybe this is just a US thing? We packed nail clippers in our suitcase (again not allowed in our carryon) and used them to cut larger wholes in the nipples for our son this year in Vietnam. Good luck!!

  3. Webb Family, please note the post clearly states that scissors are to be packed in checked baggage.

  4. I agree with anonymous's comments about bottles. The other option you might consider (primarily if you are in the US though) is to purchase single containers of infant formula. We did this (instead of taking cans). It was very convenient and saved a ton of space in terms of your suitcases. THe formula come in single packed containers of powder that can be added to 4 oz of water...just another thought...

  5. Just reading that you bought Hannah food today at the store made my heart drop! I can't believe that will be the food that she will be eating so very SOON!

  6. You are so close - and getting so prepared!!


  7. Hi Catherine,

    My comment about 'just relax and enjoy' was just to put things into perspective. Hope you didn't feel offended by it?
    Did you receive the picture of our daughter? Can you imagine Hannah in two years time like that :-) ?
    You two are going to have SO much fun together!!

    Enjoy your last preparations and before you know it you'll be on the plane and shortly after that you'll be kissing Hannah's tiny soft cheeks!


  8. These are great tips indeed. This is such an exciting time. I would go back to China tomorrow if I could. Both are trips were so amazing and life changing. I am just so happy for you!

  9. sorry, read that wrong. :) just so used to having to deal with security measures at the airport. didn't want anything to hamper your trip.

  10. I'm a feeding specialist in a hospital and neonatal ICU. I just have to say that cutting nipples is never a good idea. Small pieces may break off and be swallowed (especially if she's got teeth). My recommendation for a faster flowing nipple would be Evenflow #3. Also, Sassy makes a bottle called a babyfood feeder (or nurser). The hole is large enough to get babyfood through, so should be OK w/thick formula.

    And with the prunes, you can put a small amount IN the formula if she won't take it plain. We use it even in the NICU when needed. All that rice tends to constipate.

    Congrats and best wishes!

  11. Some tricks and hints:

    -there is no such thing as changing stations at bathroom at restaurants and large malls. It smells gross anyway that you just don’t want to be there. I used a wide window sill, baby standing up on the corner of the mall or the top of the sink with a towel and changing pad on it. I learned to master the standing up position if your baby can stand up and changing her at speedy time. Don’t let the stares of passing people bother you. It’s speedy and gets the job done!

    -no napkins at some restaurants either. You have to pay for it. I use wipes as napkins, they worked fine. Put an inch or so of sanitation wipes using a ¼ zip lock bag and put it in your purse, diaper bag, camera bag, etc. It comes very handy at any time.

    -you can bring your own drink at some restaurants. They do charge for a glass of water.

    -prune Gerber or prune juice work great for us and cannot find in GZ.

    Don’t forget to take care of yourself. If Mama is not happy, baby will not be either.

    Happy trails. Can’t wait to hear about the Hannah adventures!



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