Thursday, October 08, 2009

Showers of Blessings!

Life has been amazingly busy since receiving Hannah's referral August 21st and I am far behind in posting. There are some important events that I didn't want to miss in the excitement of preparing to leave for China in just 3 weeks!!!

August 19th; which we now know was just 2 days before receiving Hannah's referral, my amazing friend Norma (who will be travelling to China with my parents and I to meet Hannah) hosted a baby shower for Hannah, inviting her family as well as coworkers I have had the pleasure of working with in the past. Norma hosted a great dinner with a Chinese theme and her wonderful hubby John helped out too by BBQing for us. Thanks John!

Once again I was overwhelmed in a wonderful way by sharing an evening of love with so many dear friends and Hannah was blessed with many generous gifts!

Everyone knows I'm a huge Disney fan and that Hannah's first trip won't be too far off so Kristy and Alyssa bought her her first Minnie dress! So cute!!

Hannah's first doll house!

A gorgeous quilt from Norma and her sister Shirley. It was made by Shirley's SIL. Thanks Marie!

Norma's beautiful grand- daughter Alyssa was a great help with opening Hannah's gifts!

Celebrating with precious friends!

Just when I thought I had finished opening all the gifts Norma said there was one more. I couldn't believe it (you can see the surprise in my eyes here) as everyone had already been more than generous. She walked in with this box....Hannah's crib mattress!! When she first gave it to me I hid behind it...doing the ugly cry! Overwhelmed by the love and generosity of friends and also the realization that I was holding the mattress where my sweet baby girl would lay her head. Wow!!!

This picture still makes me cry each time I see it. As I was thanking people for sharing Hannah's journey with me and for their love and support over the past 4 1/2 years, I was overcome with emotion knowing that she was so very close! Little did I know at the time that less than 48 hours after this picture was taken I would know who my Hannah is and my life would be FOREVER changed!!! I get goosebumps just thinking about this again as my sweet daughter is so much a part of me already that it's almost hard to remember what it was like not knowing who she was!

Norma.... THANK YOU!!! Thank you for the amazing shower you hosted for Hannah and I and more than anything...THANK YOU for joining me in China and sharing this most amazing time with my parents and I!! Auntie Norma will be a special part of Hannah's family from the moment we meet and I can't thank you enough! Love you friend!!

* * * * * * *

The following month, wonderful friends Carol and Neena also hosted a shower for Hannah! We shared a wonderful afternoon of together filled with laughter, love and time with special friends!

(L to R) Japhia, me, Katie, Joy, Carol and Neena

Adorable little outfits for my sweetie.

A warm Disney outfit that I tease will be great when Mommy keeps Hannah in the Magic Kingdom after her bedtime. :o)

A beautiful dress that I can see her wearing to church in a few years.

Mmmm...a cute cupcake cake that was super yummy and a great finishing touch to a delicious lunch.

Thank you Carol and Neena! It was a treasure spending this time together, celebrating Hannah! Love you friends!


  1. So so beautiful!!! You have been such a huge encouragement to so many - it warms my heart to see you "showered with blessings"!!!

    Now... only days til the greatest blessing of all is in your arms!!!

  2. Great pics Cathy and happy memories of special times.

    In the pic I'm in, I believe I'm listed as "Katie", but that's instantly makes me younger, prettier and blond! :)

    Had so much fun the other night helping you put Hannah's room together. Can't wait to come back next week.

    Sharing your excitement,

  3. Just lovely! You and Hannah deserve all the love and spoiling.

    Keep smilin!

  4. 2 very special days for a very special mommy and her new daughter. :)

    Now you just need that special little girl in your arms!!

    Can't wait to follow your journey to China.

  5. such blessings for sure! I'm so glad you are showered in love and support. 24 more days!!!

  6. It is interesting- we get through life knowing that we have good people surrounding us, but when we have events like this, we really get to feel it.

  7. Wow! I think you've now had as many baby showers as I've had children! How blessed you and Hannah have been and will continue to be! Counting the days until we can see you home!

  8. YOU my friend are so deserving of all these blessings for your sweet Hannah... so happy for you and cannot wait to watch you embrace China and your new little girl.

  9. WOW..
    Looks like you have been showered with TONS of love..
    Love the photos and goodies for Hannah..
    I am sooo excited to see you travel to get your baby girl..

  10. Hey...I'm no longer a blonde! LOL. NOW you know who I am! :)

  11. You sure do have a wonderful group of supporters up there, Catherine. Hannah won't know what to do with all the goodies.


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