Friday, April 11, 2008

Pretty quiet here so trying out a bullet post...

Yes, I have to admit it. I'm almost ashamed to but here it goes....I'm bullet challenged! I've tried to create bullet posts a few times and every single time they end up messy and out of line but today I decided to try again. We'll see how it goes.

Not a lot happening around here so going to mix up a bunch of assorted, unrelated stuff here.

OK *gulp* here we go...on to the bullets.....

Christmas Tree down - April 10, 2008: Yes sadly, due to all the snow we've had this year, it took me until yesterday to take my outdoor Christmas tree down. In my defence I turned off the lights on January 2nd but just had no way to take it down as the base was buried in anything up to 3 feet of snow until last week when the snow finally disappeared. I think that the tree being up was beginning to give my wonderful neighbour a coronary though! Thankfully he'd been in Florida until last week but once home he started having palpatations. I realized (and snickered to myself) just how much it was bothering him when I came home earlier this week and he kindly said to me that he'd loosened the pegs holding the tree so that it would be easier for me to take down! LOL!! They are the nicest couple and do a TON for me (eg. my garden has also been tidied and the dirt turned ready for planting in a couple of months) and I knew that he was only helping out so I promised that now that the snow was gone the tree would be put away by tonight. I gave him an early Christmas present and took it down last night, one night early! :o)

Men's Dessert Night
I was reading Robin's blog today about a dessert her hubby was 'making' for work today and it reminded me of a fun pic I hadn't posted last month. Our Sunday School class has an annual 'Men's Dessert Night' each year and it's always a lot of fun. The guys bake and the women get to taste them first and judge in a variety of categories. Works for me! The guys are really, really creative and we've seem some amazing desserts over the years. This is the cake that won for 'Most Creative' Pretty cool, eh?!!

Slippers for Hannah
Doris and I decided to purchase some adorable little slippers for our girls. They're made from leather and cost only $10 a pair (including shipping) which is much less expensive then Rob*eeze and they're totally adorable! I ordered mainly 12 month+ sizes but now wish I'd ordered a couple of smaller sizes too since the babies seem to be coming home so much younger right now. (YIPPEE!!!!!!!) If you're interested in buying some adorable shoes you can find them here at The Ruji's Store

* Did you pick up on something? Yes, not a bullet to be found in this post! I tried...really I did but they ended up all over the place!! Oh how I wish I had my 'SnagIt' program (GREAT program!!) from work at home because I'm thinking you would laugh at where my one and only bullet is located. Can you believe I somehow managed to put a bullet beside the 'compose' tab in the box where this post is created? Yes, that box in the top right corner where I can choose to either 'Edit Html' or 'Compose' is now sporting a beautiful bullet...and it's the only bullet on this post! *ugh!!!* I am bullet challenged for sure!!! Help!

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. hahaha I love that you still had a tree up in April... that's awesome!!!

  2. Love those slippers! I am not soooo, sure about that desert!

    Have a good weekend Catherine!


  3. You are too cute! I still see Christmas lights still on now in April. Eeek!

    LOOVE the cake! What a great idea.

    The slippers are too cute. Love mine! Love yours!

    Keep smilin!

  4. I've heard of Febru-lights, but Apri-lights? :)

    I love those slippers, they're too cute. :)

  5. Bullets are over-rated in my opinion. ;-)
    How nice that there is now a competitively priced alternative to Robeez. Wish there had been when my little one was little. I never could bring myself to pay $20+ for one pair of baby slippers.

  6. Which reminds me:

    ·Take down Christmas lights
    ·Bake a fun cake
    ·Put away “winter” stuff
    ·Check out Snag It program
    ·Wish Catherine a happy weekend


  7. Hello my bullet challenged friend! :) Very cute. When I started reading this post, I thought you had just taken down your indoor christmas tree! I can understand (with the amount of snow we've had) that the outdoor one was still up. I mean really, it's only April 11. :)

    Those are some seriously cute slippers - may have to check out that site!


  8. I'm off to bookmark the site! Don't worry about the bullets, I don't think I would be able to manage it either.

  9. I love that mens desert night idea!!! I'm sooooo going to suggest that at our church!!! lol Would be totally fun!!!

    I love those little slippers too!! Charla wears those kind all the time around the house here!! We have wood flooring all over so they work great to help her not slip!

    Miss you!!! Hope you are doing well my friend!!! :)

    Love Dawn.

  10. I can't believe your Christmas tree was still up!!!! You crack me up.

    The blogger bullets function is messed up. If you highlight a bunch of text and then click the "bullets icon" it puts the html code around the whole post instead of around just the desired bullet area.

    You can fix it though. Highlight the text you want bulleted, click on the bullets icon, then click on "edit html" (instead of compose) and manually cut and paste the bullet tags where you really want them.

    Move the {ul} to the beginning of your bullet set and the {/ul} to the end of it. And then each bullet should have an {li} at the beginning and a {/li} at the end.

    If this is confusing, just call me.
    xox, M

  11. I'm bullet challenged too .. don't worry.

    That cake looks interesting. :0) The hubs hasn't called me yet to say how "his" cake did in the contest. LOL

    Have a GREAT weekend

  12. Emily won't keep slippers on..or bows...or clothes.....ha ha

    I think she is protesting the 2 years she had of 14 layers in China....

    Tell me that Mac and Cheese is not really a cake!!

  13. LOVE those slippers!!

    Have a great weekend!

  14. Oooo! That's where I got Mini's slippers from! Isn't it weird, buying shoes from China... knowing you'll be going there (dare I say soon?!!!)

    I think I'll stick with cheesecake, for dessert!

    When I first read, you took your Christmas tree down - I thought you meant your indoor one!!! I was going to say "what a slacker!"... but you're not a slacker - coz there's no way you'd see me, plowing through snow to get the outdoor one down!!! Here's to warmer weather?!

  15. Too funny! At least your tree wasn't as bad as my former condo neighbours in Ottawa. They had horribly gaudy Christmas lights on their balcony that said "Seasons Greetings" and flashed in a variety of patterns like disco lights. They kept those gastly things plugged in until every last bulb blew (sometime in March - I'm surprised the condo corp. didn't make them take them down in retrospect).

    Great slippers! Both our girls love Robeez. Nice to find a cheaper alternative!

  16. I'm so bullet challenged too! HOpe you don't mind, I've copied M3s directions! Thank you for the slipper to spend some moolah!

  17. OK...well you're still one up on me...what IS a bullet post??

    Fun post. Hilarious about your neighbour. Driving by your place I was wondering when the tree was coming down....but couldn't say anything as last year the articifical tree in our house stayed up ALL YEAR!!! (NOT MY DECISION!!!!)

    Anyway, hope you've had a good day.
    Love & prayers,

  18. 1) Sorry your bullets are harrassing you. That is odd. Blogger usually gets that right.

    2) Love the baby slips. I have a bunch of Robeez that I'm not sure what I'll do when I receive referral for my toddler boy ;0) I quite buying with price point being one of the reasons why. Thanks for dangling the carrot again ;0)

    3) Hey, what's wrong with a festive spirit in April? Funny

    4) Yes, that cake is creative but I don't think I'd be first in line for the taste test!

    Hugs, sweets!

  19. Oh, cute, CUTE shoes! Will definately have to check those out!

  20. That cake is too much! Is that actually mac and cheese?

    The slipper are great. Both of my girls wore Robeez for sometime after coming home. I wish they made them in adult sizes!

  21. I like KD and I like chocolate cake but I’m not too sure about the 2 together, lol!! Thanks for the slipper link these are a great price alternative to Robeez!

    Smiles! :o)

  22. I can't blame you for not taking the tree down! That is a lot of freakin' snow!

    Love that cake! Totally amazing!

    The slippers are soooo cute!


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