Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Please Pray...Tricia Got Another Call! **Update: 5:00am**

Please pray!! Tricia's transplant have flown out of state again as another pair of lungs may be a match for her. Please pray for Tricia, Nate, Gwyneth, the transplant team and as always, another dear family who is dealing with the loss of a loved one.

I will keep you posted.

PS - Today is Nate's birthday. What an amazing gift it would be for his wife to receive new lungs so that they can begin the next chapter of their lives together!

6:10pm Wednesday
Praise God!! Tricia and Nate have been told that the lungs are good and the surgery is a go! They are prepping her for surgery to begin soon. Please continue to pray for all involved and also the donor's family.

GOD IS GOOD!!! Happy Birthday Nate!

5:00am Thursday
Tricia has been in surgery for almost 8 hours and Nate is waiting to hear from the OR. Hopefully soon. A double lung transplant normally takes 7-9 hours so he should be hearing more soon. Continuing to pray and thank you to so many who have been praying!


  1. Praying hard, reading some scripture in fact :O)

  2. oh my.. definitely sending up words of prayer right now. This would definitely be one of the most wonderful gifts for Nate.

  3. OMGOSH OMGOSH OMGOSH that is the best news ever. Since your blog is the last I checked last night it loaded as I turned on my computer. In other words I open my computer to "It`s A Go !"

  4. WOW!!!!! I was shocked to see this post today!!!! AMAZING!!!! What a miracle!!!!! Still praying :)

  5. Unbelieveable story! I've just spent the last while reading their blog! Totally miraculous!!! Oh praying that the Lord will continue to work a miracle for this precious young couple. THANK YOU for phoning me and making me aware of this need for prayer. The pics of little Gwenneth remind me so much of my own birth, and through tears I am thanking the Lord again for His Hand on my life.
    Praying for this precious young family.
    In His Hands,

  6. What a miracle. Sending this amazing family lots of good thoughts.

  7. It's such a miracle, isn't it, Catherine? Here we sit, thinking our wait is long. Can you imagine what Trish has felt, waiting to see if her daughter will live and if she'll live to see her daughter grow up?


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