Friday, April 04, 2008

Happy Birthday K1!!

(Wrote a post earlier today and then my system crashed. Here's to a successful 2nd attempt!)

Happy Birthday K1!!! Hope this year is extra, extra special for you!!

Wednesday night K1 and I were going to get together for coffee and dessert at a local coffee place. Just after I arrived K2 swooped in and whisked me off to a surprise birthday party that K1's family was having for her. What fun to celebrate an amazing gal who is a blessing to have as a friend!!

It was so neat to meet K1's mom and dad and I knew we'd get along just fine when I walked in the door and it was hugs all round! Oh yes, these are my kinda people!! It was also great to meet K1's brother too! He had his adorable son G-Man with him and it was fun to see G-Man and how he had grown. Last summer K1, K2, G-Man, my niece Rebecca and I enjoyed a fun-filled afternoon around mom and dad's pool. Hope for a repeat performance this summer! What a sweet surprise it was to be included in their family celebration! Thank you for having me.

Speaking of sweet K1....

Happy Birthday!! Looking forward to celebrating with you (again)! A birthday can never be celebrated too many times!

PS - Since K1's dad teased that he reads all our blogs as he's turning in for the night....Sweet Dreams K1's Pop!!


  1. Who knew?? It was so nice for you to be able to meet my family and they couldn't say enough nice things about you too! Kindred spirits are kinda like that, you know.

    Your presence made the night extra special, so thank you for being such a great sport at the last minute!!
    T-16 hours and counting. :)

  2. Is that all candy?? is that COTTON CANDY in the picture???

    Happy birthday K1!!

  3. Happy Birthday K1!! Sweet celebration!

    Keep smilin!


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