Saturday, March 24, 2007

1 Year LID Celebration Gifts for Hannah and Mommy!!

Oh what happy times!!! 1 year behind me.... ?? months before me? Praising God for the excitement, peace and love He is providing as I travel this amazing journey to meet the daughter He has waiting for me in China!

Yesterday and today have been wonderful days of celebration! Little things like sharing a coffee with good friends. Norma and I do this almost every day yet I still cherish the time this wonderful friend and I share together each day. After work yesterday afternoon it was coffee and cookies with a dear friend that I sang with for a number of years. I left her home with a song in my heart after sharing wonderful conversation together, and a car full of clothes for Hannah! (I'll post ore about that later.) This morning Joy and I went for coffee and enjoyed starting our day together. (Hmmm...can you tell it's Roll up time? But that is for another post as I have many fun things to share about that!)

Today for lunch my mom, dad, my brother Dave, Uncle Tim and Aunt Chris went to The Mandarin and enjoyed an amazing Chinese buffet lunch together. Still stuffed and it's 5 hours later!

After lunch I picked up these beautiful long stemmed pink roses! Oh, aren't they beautiful?!!! Normally my LIDiversary celebration flowers are small bouquets of flowers but I wanted to do something special to celebrate 1 year of waiting. Wanting to be wise with my finances I prepared myself that roses would probably be out of the question. Can you believe this beautiful bouquet of 1 dozen baby pink, long stemmed roses was $14.99? read it right! Norma had mentioned that the A&P near her had a beautiful floral section and I am so she did. I'll be going there again for sure! It won't be roses each month but I'll let you in on a little secret...the next time I treat myself to a dozen baby pink, long stemmed roses there will be a sweet little face peeking through the petals!!!

Today I celebrated with a treat for Hannah's room too. Sharon and I found this adorable, fun rug a few weeks back but I decided I wanted to wait for a special occasion to buy it. was the day! I took it home and put it beside the picture Mom and Dad had bought Hannah last month and the colours complimented each other wonderfully! (Just a side note - If you look at the wall behind the picture, that's the old colour and the wall behind the flowers is the new colour. Still am not finished but have 3 walls done and am very happy with how it's coming.)

Thank you so much for all the good wishes and congrats that were sent my way this past couple of days. I am so thankful for this place where I can celebrate with friends old and new!

Celebrating 1 year logged in, 1 year closer to Hannah....and friendships!!


  1. Congrats again...those are some lovely treats. Beautiful pink roses for a beautiful mama-to-be!

  2. That is a very pretty bouquet of flowers!!

    I still LOVE that picture you have for Hannah's room and the carpet is very nice too!

    Good luck on finishing the painting - we will be waiting for the before and after pictures!

  3. The roses are absolutely lovely! I really like the new rug you bought for Miss Hannah. It is perfect.

    Enjoy the rest of the weekend. Congratulations again. I so wish we didn't live so far apart I would love to get together with you again. We may have to plan something over the summer.

  4. Congratulations on your 1 year LIDaversary! Thank you so much for posting how you came to name your blog on my post. It has been incredible reading how everyone came to create their sites. I hope that the timeline speeds up and you are with your daughter soon.

  5. That's some beautiful roses! Can't wait to see the cute little face!

  6. What great ways to celebrate! Yes, indeed, God is very good!

  7. Love the goodies for Hannah's room! CONGRATS on 1 yr LID!!!

  8. The roses are absoulutley gorgeous! and I love the picture and purple and pink together.

  9. How special Catherine. Good for you for buying those roses. I found out something interesting while in China about flowers. Olivia's finding spot was a flower market. I wanted to buy some flowers and had roses in my hand. The tour guide that was with us said carnations represent mother in China so needless to say that's what I ended up buying. The truth of the matter is that I didn't like carnations before that day (actually hated them). Now they just hold such a special spot in my heart.

    Just thought I'd share another little tidbit about floweres with you :-)

    They are beautiful

    (Olivia's lucky mom)

  10. Lovely flowers...I am so looking forward to when you buy more pink roses!

    Where did you get the carpet? LOOVE it!

    Keep smilin!

  11. Happy belated 12th LID-versary!! what beautiful roses, and what a great way to celebrate!!!

  12. HipHip Hooray!!! One Year down!!!

    Beautiful flowers!!! And I just love the pic!

  13. Ahhh beuatiful roses!! CONGRATS again on hanging in there for 1 year already!! Its so neat to think that your blog was one of the first ones I came across and you were just DTC....look what a difference a year can make!!
    Beautiful rug that you will look great in Hannah's room. Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend!!!

  14. Love the pink roses..beautiful!

    The rug is also beautiful. Perfect for a little girls room.

    Congrats on the 1 year anniversary. You are getting closer Catherine.


  15. Lovely flowers! Perfect way to celebrate with close family and friends!

  16. Congratualtions on your 1 year anniversary. I love the special little things you've bought - it helps to make the time pass and keep your spirits up when you can buy things for your special little one!! I am hoping to make it to the "mommies in waiting" dinner soon!


  17. A belated happy "1 Year LID" to you! I love pink roses. So pretty!

  18. Beautiful . . . simply beautiful. Congrats again.



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