Monday, March 12, 2007

Thank You to my SP and the 'Mystery Gifter!'

I received another wonderful gift from my secret pal last week! With all the excitement of making it through the review room I decided to hold off posting about the great gifts she sent until this week. I don't know who you are SP, but if you also received the great news that you're through the review room...CONGRATULATIONS!!! That would mean our LID's are close together and there is a small chance we could be in China together. That would be great!

February's gift theme was 'Cuddle Me Close To Your Heart - Bedtime and Snuggling Items.' My SP sent a wonderful selection of bedtime items. Firstly, a Dora CD called 'World Adventures.' (Can you believe I've never watched an entire Dora episode? Bet I won't be saying that 2 years from now!!!)

After we watch the CD it will be bath time and pajama time. She sent an absolutely adorable penguin pj set with a cute hooded robe. I've wanted to pick up a robe for her and now she has one. Thanks SP! (My friend Krista is penguin crazy!! I'll think of her as well as my SP when Hannah wears these adorable pj's)

After she's all cleaned up, snuggly and almost ready for bed it will be time to read her a story, prayer time and then off to bed....I hope! :o) This fun, colourful book about Disney Princesses will be just perfect!

Thanks SP! Once again your gifts are perfect!! Thank you so much for your thoughtfulness and kindness!

I also received another treat in the mail last week. I went to the mailbox and this fun surprise was waiting. I love ladybugs and this cute magnet now holds a prime spot on the fridge where I can see it daily. Thank you Mystery Gifter!! I won't blow your cover...just wanted to say thanks!!


  1. You got yourself some beautiful gifts have a great secret pal!

  2. Fun stuff!

    I have that Disney book...err, Jadyn does ;0)

    ..and the ladybug? Mine lives front and center on the fridge :0)

  3. Great pressies!! Looks like you have a good secret pal!!


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