Thursday, March 22, 2007

Please Pray for Brea's Heart Surgery Today ** Updates At End **

Sweet Brea needs your prayers today. Her little heart is fighting hard right now but unable to fight as hard as it needs to. A miracle has been worked by God! Today Brea will have major surgery which will attach her to a 'Berlin heart' until a donor heart is received. (For a similar story about the Berlin Heart machine please click here.)

Today's surgery is orchestrated by God above as the Berlin heart machine has not received FDA approval for normal use but the FDA did approve it for her! He also opened the doors for the machine to be brought from Germany and also the surgeon to come from Germany too! God is so good.

This is a precious family who is trusting God with the care of their beautiful baby girl. Brea came home from China last fall and has an older brother and sister. Please pray for all those involved with her surgery today and also that in His time, God would provide a new heart. The parents have mentioned how hard it is to pray for a new heart for their little girl knowing that another family will have to lose a child in order for a heart to be available. How difficult that must be!

Today, we're lifting Brea and all those involved in her surgery before the throne of grace. Our God is an Awesome God!!!

** Update #1 from Brea's blog 11:47am **
The OR nurse has updated us several times and her chest was opened around 9:30 am. Her VSD (her special need) was repaired first and her heart began to beat again as soon as the heart bypass machine was unclamped. The VSD repair was needed so the Berlin heart could work properly. We were told that they would use a patch to repair the VSD but when the surgeon got to it the repair only required stitching! The OR nurse said the Berlin heart was being primed when he left the OR to update us and they hope to have at least one of the canulas (sp?) installed by noon.
This is only a portion of the update. Further information available here.

** Update #2 @ 2:15pm **
The Berlin Heart is in and working great! The surgeons are just now closing her chest and we will be able to see her around 3:00 PM central time. I will update again as soon as I have more information and have seen her.

Thank you for your many prayers. Please continue to pray for healing, recovery and for little Judah.


Praise God!!! Thank you for praying and your continued prayers!!


  1. What a brave sweetie pie. Holding them all in my thoughts and prayers.

    Keep smilin!

  2. Brea and her family will be in my prayers.

  3. What a strong little girl!!! I cannot imagine what the family is going through right now!! I will be thinking of little Brea and hope all goes well!!
    Thanks for keeping us posted on Brea...

  4. Wow you have me in tears. I'll pray for little Brea and her family. What a trooper. Keep us posted on her progress.


  5. What a wonderful miracle. Brea, her family and the doctors will be in my prayers.

  6. are amazing to blog about this precious baby!! Thanks for the updates! Keep at it!!

    I'll be praying hard for baby Brea!! I'm in tears today as sooo much has happened already this morning!!

    Blessings, Dawn

  7. Very thoughts will be with the baby and her family....miracles are possible...

  8. I can not imagine how difficult that would be. I have been praying for little Brea. And her family. And will continue to do so.

  9. Working with adult patients in ICU I could handle but never kids...just looking at Brea brings tears to my eyes...the staff at any children's hospital are a very special breed to be able to handle this day in and day out.
    I will sure be praying for Brea's recovery.

  10. What a God-moment..I came to your blog to find the first post you had about Brea..wanted to go to her family's site for an update..and now you have one already posted. Am praying for this sweet child and her amazing family.

  11. Glad to hear such possitive updates, I will pray for a swift successful recovery.
    Blessings to all of her family.

  12. Little Brea is in my thoughts and prayers. It's very tough dealing with heart problems,especially at that age.


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