Thursday, May 10, 2018

Take Your Parent to School Day

I am blessed to be able to help out in Hannah’s class a couple of times each month!  This day was special because it was ‘Take Your Parent to School’ day so I was able to slip off my volunteer hat (as much as I enjoy that too) and spend time with Hannah in her class.

Hannah and her friends enjoyed some math

Math skills

and science time with parents watching on and giving things a try for ourselves.  I will say that Hannah’s boat building skills put Mommy’s to shame and her boat held a lot more coins than mine did before sinking.

Boat building

Hannah has a wonderful group of friends at school!  Many of them were in the ballet performance with her.  Unfortunately YouTube is giving me grief so I can’t get the video to upload but I’m going to keep trying.

Yay!!!  I figured out how to upload videos (see next post) so here is Hannah’s ballet.  Thankful to the teacher at their school who taught the children ballet at lunch.


Hannah and her best friend Riley.Best Friends

Preparing for ballet

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