Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Tree Trimming 2017

One of our favourite activities each year is trimming the Christmas tree and talking about all of our favourite ornaments and the stories that go with them!

This year was a little crazy at the beginning of December so tree trimming took place over 2 days about a week apart.

Night 1 was beads plus traditional Christmas balls.  Wonky strings of beads have become our new tradition and I love it!


The following week was our favourite part as we pulled out the decorations that Hannah has made over the years or those we’ve purchased to remind us of special people or occasions.

This year Hannah made me a beautiful love note of post-it notes that read, ‘Hannah, Love, Mommy! you love I’ (lol – It may be backwards but read right to left it reads, ‘I love you Mommy! Love, Hannah)IMG_5758

Making sure each part of the tree is properly adorned from top


to bottom.


And last but not least, angel time.


Oh how I love my silly girl!


The finished product!




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