Monday, May 15, 2017

Hannah’s Piano Recital

Tonight Hannah played in Nana’s piano recital and she played so well!  So proud of my girl!!


She works really hard at her practices and it is evident in how well she is doing!

Way to go Hannah!  Mommy is so proud of you!!


  1. It is great she can do this. Something to last a lifetime. Good job Hannah!

  2. Beautiful! Wondering if you're still in contact with the Salsa family and how they're doing?

  3. Hi Jodi, Thanks! Yes, I'm still in touch with the Salsa family and they're doing great! The girls are so grown up! I'll tell them you said hi. I miss their blog too.

  4. Yay Hannah! She did so well! I cannot believe how grown up she looks!

  5. Wow, she did so well! She's got a nice touch and was perfect with her decrescendos and retard at the end!

  6. She played wonderful! Congrats! Nice confidence!
    {AA plays Ali's, just started a few months ago, but she will never play in public, at least not yet}.


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