Thursday, April 27, 2017

Flood Repairs–It’s Almost Time and We’re Ready!!

It’s been 7 weeks since our flood and finally it’s almost time for the repairs to be started.  Hannah and I couldn’t be more ready!

2 weeks ago they repaired the missing ceiling and I will say it made a much bigger difference then I realized it would and it was a welcome change.  We’d been living with a gaping hole in the living room and kitchen for 5 weeks when the repair took place.IMG_4518

I was surprised how much every day noise went from floor to floor but I guess it makes sense when all that was separating the 2 floors was a sheet of plywood.  It did make it easy to call her for dinner though. Smile

It was such a treat to drive home and see a repair truck in the driveway.IMG_4706 - Copy

A work in progressIMG_4707

Taped and mudded.  I’d considered leaving the ceiling flat but it would be an additional cost to do so and in these days of finding extra $’s here and there it was an easy decision to have them put the popcorn ceiling back up.IMG_4708

It was still wet here thus the variety of colours.  IMG_4712

One of the things that happened in a number of locations that I hadn’t anticipated was that the ceiling paint bled onto the walls.  IMG_4784

I will say that I noticed it but just figured it was normal.  I was pleasantly surprised when I found out they will probably be repainting the main floor because of it.  What a treat!!  A fresh coat of paint make such a difference!  I’m going to go with a similar colour to what I have as everything has been chosen with the current colour in mind but will just be lightening it up a bit.IMG_4788

I received information from the contractor that the rest of the repairs should be completed next week and the week after.  Woot!!  We’ve been on hold waiting for the carpet to arrive but it should be in by Friday and the repairs can start next Monday.  Yay!

In the meantime, Hannah and Auntie Deb gave me these beautiful flowers to brighten our home and what a treat they are!!  IMG_4785


  1. I love seeing the progress! And the new wall color is so bright and happy.

  2. Glad to see things finally coming along!!

  3. Wow! Looking awesome. Nice to see your house getting back to normal. I know how waiting for reno's to be done can be frustrating at times. Can't wait to see the end result!

  4. So sorry you are going all through this! Hoping it is completed soon!


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