Wednesday, April 15, 2015

March…A Month in Review

Back to Canada after our cruise meant jumping back into winter and all these layers of clothes.  Hannah is amazing at getting herself ready for school while I finish packing lunches and getting myself ready.  Somehow it’s often a cram to get out of the house on time on school mornings.IMG_6977

Piano lessons with Nana.  Sit quietly at the piano?  I wish!!IMG_6981

We enjoy working on her Princess Lego together.  It’s a far cry from the stuff I used to make!  Anyone want to join me in creating a rectangle house with possibly a door and window?  That’s the extent of my Lego skills.  Not so much my girl!IMG_6989

Nana’s raspberry cheesecake birthday cake.  Surprisingly easy to make!  IMG_6990

Happy Birthday Nana!IMG_6997

Woot, mommy got a new office at work!  I crave sunlight, especially in the winter so when a couple of prime desks on the atrium had sat empty for more than a year I put forth a suggestion to the Employee Engagement Committee that possibly we could hold a lottery for those interested in moving to the atrium.  (Many don’t like these offices as they can be quite noisy at times.  Me, I had wanted one for years.)  Only about 9 people put their names forward for the lottery and the first name they drew was mine.  Woot!!  Moving on up!!

Old IMG_7013


March was Grandpa’s birthday too.  Happy Birthday Grandpa!IMG_7018

Spring cleaning has begun and I love that Hannah is excited to clean alongside Mommy.  We’re making great progress as we tackle little projects each week.IMG_7111

Hannah and I were also excited in March when my cousin and her 6 amazing kids came to Toronto and we met up for supper.  Love these guys!!  So glad we were able to get together Bridge!  Love you!IMG_7020


  1. Love your new office! I too would love being there! I bet it makes the day pass by quickly keeping an eye on what's going on in the atrium. I'm glad your name was picked! Brrr! I get cold just looking at all Hannah's layers! I'm hoping that mess is behind us with spring here! Do you get many thunderstorms in spring? That's all it has done here for 2 weeks!

    1. We get some thunderstorms (Love them!!) but not too many yet this year.

  2. LAughing about the legos! Love the new office! Six kids? Who does that?? Lol

    1. LOL!! Some of the most amazing people I know do that...and more!! :o)


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