Sunday, April 12, 2015

Easter Celebrations 2015 ~ Easter Sunday and Hop, Hop, Skip!

Easter Sunday before church was a fun morning of chocolate and gift hunting.  Hannah was pretty excited when the Easter Bunny brought her a watch as she’s eager to learn how to tell time.IMG_7165

He also brought her a  new Disney Princess magazine which is always a treat.IMG_7166

There were chocolates and a little more.  I think she found her final eggs late Sunday afternoon.  The Easter Bunny is getting better at hiding!IMG_7167

My hopping sweetie.  Poor lamb!  Her reaction around the 20 second mark is Hannah through and through.  She’s amazing!

All dressed for church.IMG_7171

Afterwards we stopped in at Urgent Care with what I figured would be a ‘She’s okay, it’s just a little sprain’ visit but the doctor ordered x-rays for the following day just to be careful as she was concerned about the swelling and tenderness when she touched it.  Here she is waiting for the doctor and looking oh so cute!IMG_0369

(I must say, if you need to go to Urgent Care, a holiday is a great time!  Winking smile  We were in and out of there in 15 mins!  That never happens!!)

I tried to calm my busy girl’s activity a little bit at the doctor’s recommendation but that’s a big challenge.  In the end she’d slow herself down when she pushed it a little too much and sit quietly and read or watch tv for a bit.  We also played games together which was not only fun but a good quiet activity for her.

Monday afternoon our family doctor was going to be in Urgent Care so we went for x-rays early in the afternoonIMG_0328

and then waited to see him in UC from about 75 mins.  Ah yes, that’s more normal, especially after a long weekend!  Once again I thought it would be a quick ‘she’s fine’ response after he read her x-rays (based on the running, skipping and hopping she was doing) but nope, he saw something he didn’t like and showed it to me.  I saw it too.  He was concerned that she had pulled part of a ligament off.  If that was the case she would be casted for a bit while it healed.  This was the first we’d heard about a cast and she was pretty excited!!  (LOL – Like mother, like daughter!  I was exactly the same as a child.)  Dr. Fitz sent her x-rays for a second read by a specialist and thankfully it came back that she was okay and no cast required.  No gym or baton this week but other than that and she was good to go….slowly!

It’s now a week after her bad jump and she is pretty much back to normal.  I still see her little hop, hop skip occasionally but I think that might be habit now or that she just moves the wrong way sometimes.   So thankful it was just a bad strain and my busy girl is once again busy….even though she’s told me at least 20 times that she wished she’d got a cast….

and ‘crunches!’  LOL!!


  1. Poor sweetie hopping along! Glad she didn't need a case (although they're more of a pain for mama than the kids - they don't seem to get phased at all by them). Easter hugs!

  2. Looks like you all had a very special Easter! So glad nothing was too serious with Hannah's foot! (We just had our very first "stitches" injury and trip to urgent care for Bri's sliced finger. Ahhh! The joys on parenthood! LOL!)


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