Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Disney Cruise 2015 ~ Second Sea Day–The Day of Clothing Changes!

(Monday, Feb 23, 2015)

LOL – It wasn’t until I was creating this post that I realized how many different outfits Hannah wore this day!

We started our morning sleeping in a tiny bit and then visiting the princesses.  Unlike last year, to visit the princesses (and some other characters) it is done by pre-booking a time.  It took some of the pressure off as I knew from the first day of our cruise when we would meet them.   Princess  Hannah chose her Mulan dress to meet fellow royalty!



IMG_6691 - Copy

While we waited to meet the princesses we ran in to Ava who was on her way to hang out in the Oceaneer’s Lab.   Royalty everywhere we looked! IMG_6677

After a quick change into bathing suits Hannah and I headed up to the 9th deck to chase our breakfast…literally!   This was the only time that we ate there when it was super windy and it made our breakfast quite comical!  I wish I’d thought to take a video of our bacon running across the deck or croissant sliding across the table.  It’s all about what you make of it though and we did nothing but laugh, chase our food and enjoy the breathtaking scenery!!  Oh yes, we could get used to this!!!  Take us back!IMG_6694


After enjoying a few hours in the pool we headed back to our stateroom for a little bit of down time.  IMG_6708

Similar to the morning we had a date with Anna and Elsa in the afternoon.  This was set up so well!  We went in to the meet ‘n greet area where Hannah and I were directed towards our own private table and she was provided with colouring sheets.  There was no rush and we enjoyed some sweet time together chatting as she coloured.  IMG_6714

When it was Hannah’s turn she went up to visit the sisters, enjoyed time visiting with them, getting their autographs and Hannah was kind enough to pose with them for their cruise memories!  Winking smileIMG_6722

After gracing Anna and Elsa with her presence we popped back to the room to prepare for the optional formal night.  IMG_6729




One of the treats of sailing on a Disney cruise is that our servers cut up the children’s meals….young and not so young! Winking smile  Rebecca thought the world of Beata and Beata taught her a lot about food options while we were on the ship.IMG_6745

Hannah ordered macaroni and cheese again this nightIMG_6743

but after just a few bites she was once again down for the count and was recharging for the fun still to come.IMG_6747

She did wake up long enough to say thank you to Beata for her cozy tablecloth blanket!


The night was still young for my well rested travelling buddy so she posed with Mickey,IMG_6752

went the the live show in the theatre with the family and then after a quick change into her pj’s Hannah was off to Pluto’s Pyjama Party.  It started at 9:30 and when I went to pick her up at 10:45 she begged for more time as she was having so much fun!  Yes, we sure do keep different hours on vacation!  If left her there until 11:45 and then convinced her it was time to head back to our room.  She’d had a blast in the clubs and this time allowed me to make a huge dent in our packing Crying face so it was a win-win for both of us!

Up tomorrow ~  Disney’s private island, Castaway Cay.

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  1. You guys all look so nice on formal night! I love the formal pic with Mickey! All our Mickey pics are of us covered in sunblock and wearing park clothing, so it is nice to see a dressy Mickey pic! Ha! Love the Mickey ketchup! It would be awesome to eat breakfast outside on the ship, even if I did have to chase down the food! LOL! Looks like a blast all around!


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