Monday, March 09, 2015

Disney Cruise 2015 ~ Sea Day Number 1, Part 1

(Sat, Feb 21, 2015)

Each family has their own reason to choose a specific cruise.  In our case when we looked at our choices for this cruise we considered price and destination mostly.  We love the sea days where we do not dock and all the opportunities that these days offer.   This cruise offered 2 sea days which was great for us!

Saturday was our first full day and even though it had been cooler when we left Miami the evening before, we woke to a bright, sunny, warm morning and we quickly took advantage of being outside!!IMG_6438

Hannah was with us for only a short amount of time before she was asking to go to the Oceaneer’s Club so I dropped her off there.  I grabbed my book  and the wave phone so that the club could reach me if necessary, and went back up to hang out on the deck with Nana and Papa.  You can see it was a big challenge for Papa to flip into vacation mode and relax.IMG_6442

After a morning in the sun we headed back to our staterooms to prepare to go to Palo for a special lunch.  Palo is an adults only dining location so Hannah and Ava were happy playing at the Oceaneer’s Club and Lab and they fed them lunch too.  Bonus!!

Unfortunately my mom was a little under the weather so she wasn’t able to join us for lunch.  Missed you Mom! 

Our server was Sasha and he was amazing!!  So knowledgeable and an expert at what he did!  He started our lunch by offering to take pictures for us.  Palo is located on the 10th deck so the view is breathtaking!  Our group was: Liz (a friend from home who was on the same cruise with her daughter Ava) myself, Sharon, Larry and Dad.IMG_6444

The offerings at Palo are exceptional!  These are the appetizers that I narrowed it down to.  LOL!  IMG_6448

I had a delicious chicken parmesan on risotto but it was so delicious that it was gone before I remembered to take a picture of it!  My dessert choices…plus 2 helpings of strawberry soup not pictured here. IMG_6449

Needless to say we thoroughly enjoyed our lunch at Palo and will book again on a future cruise.

After lunch dad went to check in on mom while Sharon, Larry and I took a few minutes to take a few pictures.  IMG_6453


I went to pick Hannah up at the club and she’d had a great time!   IMG_6465

We decided to take in a showing of ‘McFarland, USA’ that was playing in the Walt Disney Theatre.  Hannah was happy to draw and colour for a bit and then dozed off for the final hour of the movie.  If you have the opportunity to see this movie, GO!  It was AMAZING!!!

After the movie Hannah was rested and raring to go so she and I quickly changed into bathing suits and hit the pool.  We were in rougher waters at this point and the water in the pool was sloshing from side to side.  That didn’t bother Hannah one little bit as she and her new little friend Miranda enjoyed some swimming time together.  In the end, we met Miranda and her family at the pool each day as the girls became fast friends and I got along with her parents too!

It was also a treat to swim when the pool was so empty as most of the cruise it looked like‘kid soup’…IMG_6440

but that never bothered us a bit either!

Up next….’Argh!  Pirates in the Caribbean!’


  1. I see my name on one of those deck chairs! LOL! Reading a book in the sun would be fabulous! Palo looks like a nice place! I'm sorry your mom missed it and hope that she wasn't sick the whole trip. Bless her heart! It's great that Hannah had Ava along on this trip and that she made a new friend too. I was surprised to see so many kids. I thought you'd have the place to yourselves with it being February. Did your friends you met last cruise come on this one as well? The ones that had a little boy Hannah's age? Also, where is Rebecca? Was she busy enjoying the teenager activities?

    1. Hi Maleah, Thankfully mom was feeling better that day and able to join us for dinner and the pirate party afterwards. You're quite right that there are a lot of kids on a Disney cruise. Our ship was full so approx. 2500 passengers and I would guess 50% of them were children! There is so much to experience and learn on a cruise that she could not learn in a classroom and I'm sure many other parents feel the same way. We loved spending quality time together and she also enjoyed the time she spent in the clubs. There was one night when I had to convince her to leave at 11:30pm! When I went to pick her up I had such fun watching the 'mad scientist' and the experiments they were doing that I didn't want to leave either!! Unfortunately our friends from last year were not able to go on this cruise but we were all at sea at the same time - them on the Disney Dream and us on the Disney Wonder. Rebecca had a blast and met many new friends whom she's still keeping in touch with! We saw her for dinner but often that was about it for the trip! If you ever have an opportunity to go on a Disney cruise....GO FOR IT!!!!!!

  2. Loving these updates, my friend! Joel and I would LOVE to take the twins someday (as soon as our little group wins the Lotto Max) xoxox

    1. Can't wait until you, Joel and your kiddos get to experience a Disney cruise!! You'll love it!!!


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