Saturday, March 07, 2015

Disney Cruise 2015 ~ Home Away from Home

On this cruise Hannah and I were once again in an inside stateroom.  This time I chose what is called a ‘sideways’ stateroom and compared to last time it felt HUGE!  (LOL – anyone who has cruised knows that staterooms are far from ‘huge’.)  But, compared to last time it really had a lot more room to move around!IMG_6405

Rather than walk in at the end of the room and face the bed, this door was in the centre of the cabin.  The bed was to the left, IMG_6403

couch straight across (they also added a table in front of the couch which Hannah used often to colour at)IMG_6402

and the closets and restroom to the right.  The restroom was still teeny tiny but truly all we needed.IMG_6713

There was also a lot of storage in the form of dresser drawers, an upright steamer trunk, lots of hangers in the closet and shelves in the closet too. 

It ends up we were the final people to stay in our stateroom before it was refurbished.   The Wonder is 12 years old and will be dry docked for a major refurbishment after the new portion of the Panama Canal is open but until then they are doing small things to update the ship as they can.  After our cruise our stateroom received a new, higher bedframe that allowed luggage to be stored under it.  A queen mattress (ours was 2 singles pushed together that could have been separated), new carpeting and more. 

We loved our stateroom and it met all of our needs and we would book it again in a heartbeat except….

Grandma and Grandpa, Nana and Papa each had veranda rooms and well…we fell in love! 


We rebooked another cruise while onboard and are planning to go back on the Fantasy in early 2017.  I’m already tucking pennies away in hopes of securing a veranda room for us!  We are fresh air kinda girls and I can only imagine how amazing it would be to look out and see the ocean around us and also hear the waves below as we sleep.  Yes, we have a goal!!


  1. The life retired people live eh? Why am I not surprised you booked another trip? lol. Do you prefer the Fantasy over Wonder?I heard from a lot of Disney fans that Disney Magic is the best one. When you've gone through all the ships maybe you could do a comparison of each.

    1. Having sailed on both the Fantasy and Wonder, hands down all 3 of us would choose the Fantasy again!! The Wonder and Magic are smaller, older ships and we enjoy the grandeur of the bigger ships and also the amenities they offer! The Wonder was beautiful but we missed:
      - The Aquaduck
      - Midship Detective
      - the beautiful, large atrium
      - we preferred the restaurants on the Fantasy...and more!

      The Wonder was beautiful and we had no complaints, the preference for our group was the Fantasy though. Many have opposite opinions to ours so it really is personal choice.

  2. Ahhh, yes, the veranda room looks amazing! I hope you get one! How did you book a 2017 cruise? When I looked on the cruise website, they only went out to 2016. We would love to do a cruise, but I have no idea how to budget for one since it seems the prices vary a lot depending on when you go. I have the parks down, but the cruise stuff is still confusing. Ha! I like the layout of your room and it is bigger than I imagined! What is that white box on the bathroom wall? A hairdryer? I am enjoying these posts so much!

    1. Hi MaLeah! Yes, you're right that the 2017 cruises are not out and probably won't be until this November. When you're on a Disney cruise their is a booking desk available where you can go to book a future cruise at both a discounted rate and discounted deposit and, gain an onboard ship credit too. 3 great reasons to book while onboard!

      We booked what is called a 'dummy' date which is basically just a placeholder that we will move to the cruise we want to go on once it is opened up. In our case, that will probably open Nov 2015 for a Feb 2017 sailing. We need to have completed our cruise within 24 months of the date our ship left for this cruise so in our case we need to choose something that has completed prior to Feb 20, 2017. We have a good idea of the itinerary and ship we want to go on so just need to book the day it opens up. Our travel agent is aware of this and she will complete this for us.

      While I help book a number of Disney vacations each year for family and friends (probably in the neighbourhood of 20+ this year) I'm not as comfortable with Disney Cruises yet so continue to use a travel agent and she also gives us an onboard travel credit which is wonderful too!

      Yes, the box on the wall was a hiardryer but it didn't work well at all. My hair is easy to dry but not with that thing. It's something I hope they replace when the ship dry docks in 2016! LOL - One day it was even harder to dry when I realized I'd forgotten to rinse the conditioner out of my hair! DOH!! A quick dip of my head in the sink and there was a little more hope that the hairdryer would work...barely!

  3. we had a balcony room when we went on our disney cruise. LOVED IT! Another cruise??? You be cruisin' junkies. Love this too.

  4. Woo Hoo, we just went on our first cruise February of this year! We are hooked too! We took the Disney Dream and we think she was grand lady to travel on. We also had a deluxe veranda room (level 6) and it felt so luxurious. We used it everyday and night! I have dreams to do a European tour.

  5. I forgot to mention that I am posting about our trip at This was our first cruise and trip to Walt Disney World

  6. Thanks Catherine, you are a wealth of info as usual! I'm sitting here giggling about the hair conditioner incident! Sounds like something I would do! Ha! Good idea with the travel agent for the cruise. I've been doing a lot of reading up on them and I'm more confused than ever. Ha! I can't believe you've helped book 20 Disney parks trips this past year. How fun! Keep the pics coming! I'm loving them! We are looking forward to our own Disney trip so much! Wish you guys could come!

    1. I'm excited for you too! You're on your final countdown!! Have a blast! Wish we could join you too!


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