Monday, February 09, 2015

Hi Uncle Billy!

We had a quick photo shoot just before Hannah went to bed tonight.IMG_6332




Thanks for understanding the lack of posting everyone!  As Hannah’s signs say, we’re doing great, just crazy busy preparing for next week’s vacation!  I’m hoping to carve out some time to update the blog before we leave but in case we don’t, here’s a little sneak peek at next week’s adventure.  We can’t wait!!!

PS – Hopefully we’ll be able to pop up for a visit to see you this spring Uncle Billy!


  1. Hannah is so precious! Wow...another cruise? Didn't you just go on one? Enjoy!

  2. Yeah! Have fun next week and take lots of pictures! Would love to see your fish extender gifts when you get a second to post! Ha! Hugs!

  3. When are you cruising? I am on Friday!

    1. We are sailing on the Wonder on Friday, Feb 20th. Will you be on the ship too Lisa? Possibly we'll bump into one another!

  4. Sounds like everyone is doing great and getting ready for some more fun. I love to keep up with your blog. I miss Ro and Ree's blog ( no update for awhile) Not many blogging now, but i have followed you all before your referrals. My grandaughter will be heading to see Mickey & Minnie the last of May. Thanks Catherine for blogging, My little China doll just turned 9, the love of my life. Prayers for safe travels, and wishing you and Hannah a wonderful magical trip !! God Bless


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