Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Finally….We Have a Panera Bread! Woot!!

8 long months ago we were told that a Panera Bread would be opening near us.  We watched the building of the new plaza with great excitement and tried to anticipate what location PB would take up.   Finally the first signs went on the building and the grand opening was just days away!

What does any crazy mother and daughter team do when one of their favourite dining locations is opening close to them do?  Why, they get up at 4:30am in order to be some of the first in the door at 6am!  IMG_6216

We weren’t the only crazy ones.  Papa was more than happy to come along for our early morning adventure and Nana joined us via texting as she was away at the time.IMG_6219

Since we were some of the first in the door we snagged their Grand Opening special of PB travel mugs, each with 5 free refills.  (Pink duck was just an added bonus to the pic who tagged along in Hannah’s pocket Smile .)IMG_3137

Welcome Panera Bread!  I’m sure we’re going to become good, good friends…even though we can’t visit you in the golf cart here in Canada!  (Panera Bread throwback to 2011, 2.5 yo)Panera Bread 2011

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