Wednesday, September 03, 2014

First Day of SK!

I woke Hannah up this morning with, ‘Good morning my sweet SK girl!’ and she jumped out of bed exclaiming, ‘Oh!  I almost forgot!!’  It was too cute!  She was up and raring to go!

We made a last minute decision to change her outfit of choice (her Rapunzel dress) since it was forecasted to be humid and 33oC (around 91oF).  She checked her closet and pulled out this cute dress handed down from Ro and Ree.  Thanks M3!DSC_1287

I’m sure I’ll say this every year but I can’t believe my baby girl is in SK already!!DSC_1285

Rapunzel is her current princess of choice so she was excited when Auntie Trish found this backpack at the Disney store last month.  Thanks Trish!!DSC_1293

One of the things that is done at Hannah’s school that I’m really happy about is that the kids have the same teacher for JK and SK.  What a wonderful school foundation she’s being given!  We love her teacher and she was excited to see her this morning!IMG_4692

She was also happy to see her classmates from last year.  1/2 of the class is the same which is great for the kids and the teachers.  The now SK’s know the teachers, the routines and they’re a big help to the new JK’s joining their class.  Hannah and Jennifer.IMG_4695

When I picked Hannah up she’d had a GREAT first day in SK and she shared little bits of it with me.  It seems to take a while before Hannah opens up easily so for now I tried to ask questions that led to discussion. 

Her best friend last year has moved to a nearby school and the girls missed one another terribly so Meghan’s mom and I surprised them with a play date this afternoon.  They had such fun together!

When we got home I gave Hannah a little ‘Yay you’re in SK gift’ which she loved and danced around the room squealing with it.  Before I knew it she had the entire puzzle put together!IMG_4699

Hannah, Mommy loves you so very much and I can’t wait to see what you learn in SK both in the classroom and as the sweet girl that you are!  It was neat to watch you walk up to a couple of the JK’s this morning and introduce yourself.  You have a big heart and oh how I love you!!!  xoxoDSC_1297


  1. Love the backpack! I'm so happy to hear she had a great first day back!

  2. Awww, she looks so grown up! So glad she had a great first day!

  3. She's just beautiful, growing up! Great photos! Enjoy the school year!

    Alyzabeth's Mommy

  4. She does seem so grown up in these pics! So sweet of Hannah to be so friendly to the new students :) You've got yourself a great little girl there!

  5. Hannah is growing up so fast, i am glad she was so happy and ready to go ( easier on Momma) Have a great day Hannah, you look beautiful sweetheart!!

  6. how is SK different than JK? BC only has Kindergarten here; you go to kindy when you're 5. before that it's preschool or daycare.

    1. The 2 years are very much the same. All of Ontario now has Full Day Kindergarten so beginning this year every child will have 1 year of JK and 1 year of SK, attending school full days, 5 days a week. There is a lot of 'play to learn' with child led areas of learning. I helped in Hannah's class often and much of the time what the class did they did together so it was difficult to tell who was JK and who was SK probably until it got to reading and things such as that. Hannah was completely ready for full time school last September so this has worked great for us. She is learning, playing and making lots of friends and has 2 years to secure letters, numbers, introductory reading and more. I am moving Hannah into French Immersion next year so am very thankful for the 2 years of kindergarten and it securing her foundation.


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