Thursday, September 25, 2014

Disney 2014, Day 2, Part II (Magic Kingdom)

(Sunday, Sept 21, 2014)
We had been able to secure a coveted FP+ reservation at ‘Be Our Guest’ so we enjoyed a delicious meal there for lunch.IMG_4838_thumb
After lunch….Dumbo!IMG_4843_thumb
This picture is typical, energetic Hannah!IMG_4845_thumb
Our final FP+ for the day was a visit with Ariel after enjoying her ride Under the Sea.  The girls were surprisingly quiet as they sat there and Ariel called them ‘Giggle Fish’ which of course made them giggle all the more!IMG_4851_thumb
At this point the adults did take a moment to enjoy a ride on Space Mountain.  It’s fun being here with other adults as it offers me an opportunity to ride some of the bigger rides.  I screamed all the way through this one and Trish said she couldn’t scream because she was too busy laughing at me!  Hee!IMG_4854_thumb
We happened to be crossing the park at the same time the new ‘Festival of Fantasy’ parade was starting so we watched that before heading to Adventureland to enjoy a refreshing Dole Whip!  Mmmm!!!IMG_4862a_thumb
This day was hot, hot, hot with temps in the 90’s and high humidity.  Ice cream and mister fans were a refreshing treat.IMG_4864_thumb
The final ride was Aladdin’s Flying Carpets.IMG_4867_thumb
Here the girls are ducking trying to avoid the spitting camel.  I in turn was riding with my brother who manoeuvred us so that the camel spit in my ear!  Touché I guess for the acting part I gave him with Belle this morning!IMG_4869_thumb
As we were preparing to leave for supper our friends who we’re also here with (Bonnie, Paul, Nathan and Kaitlyn) were just arriving for ‘Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party’.  They looked adorable dressed up as Peter Pan, Wendy, Mr. Smee and the Pirate Fairy.IMG_4873_thumb
From here we boarded the monorail and rode to the Polynesian to enjoy supper at the Kona Cafe.  Hannah has this thing she does where she rubs the thumbs of those she’s closest to while sucking her bottom lip.  It’s sweet (unless you’re trying to use your thumbs to text, write or….cook!)  On this day she found Uncle Dave’s thumbs and he became one of her inner circle of comfort peeps. IMG_4873a_thumb
The Polynesian Resort is undergoing a lot of renovations so things look much different with constructions walls everywhere.  Like it does everything else, Disney has a way of making even construction walls pleasant.  A new photo op place in front of a wall.IMG_4877_thumb
We left the restaurant shortly before 8 and Hannah was asleep before we exited the monorail 2 stops later.  We transferred to a bus and headed to see the ‘Frozen Fireworks’ at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.  They won’t be playing when we’re there Thursday and I didn’t want to miss them as this is their final week so this was the night.
I went up within a bout 6’ of then entrance/exit turnstiles and was pretty sure security was going to ask me to move since I didn’t have entrance for the park that day so I was too close.  A kind security guard did approach me and quickly told me I could not stand there for the fireworks!  He instructed me to walk 6’ closer the moment they started as I would need a much better view then what I was able to get to where I was due to the overhang.  Heh….I had a great view standing with my toes touching the entrance to the park line.  Perfect!  Thanks Joe!
And, in customary Hannah fashion, this was her ‘view’ of the fireworks!  IMG_4886_thumb
She was out until morning even though we took a bus back to our resort, I stopped to get a drink and then changed her when we returned to our room and put her to bed!  That’s my girl!!


  1. The Frozen Fireworks look amazing! Such a sweet pic of Hannah asleep! As always, you guys seem to be making the most of every magical moment! I can't believe all you managed to fit in 1 day and the whole gang is still happy & smiling! Love it! Hugs!

  2. Fun times! Hannah and her sleeping never cease to amaze me! I was lucky this summer if Keira got a total of three hours of sleep on our overnight flight to the UK this summer. She was exhausted but was too concerned with what was going on around her and needed a bed and quiet! Ugh!!!


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