Friday, September 26, 2014

Disney 2014, Day 3, Part I (Epcot)

(Monday, September 22, 2014)
Sorry for the slow posting.  It is partially due to the challenges of posting with resort Wi-Fi but also because we arrive back in our room exhausted each evening and taking the time to post without falling asleep on the keyboard is a challenge!!
Today’s park was Epcot and I had a special surprise planned for my sweet girl!!
Pardon the foggy pic.  The room is cool and the outside weather wonderfully hot and steamy so my camera lens takes a bit to adjust.  I think she looked absolutely beautiful!  Hannah loves that she was born in China and Mulan is currently her favourite princess so choosing this costume was a great fit for her!
Early in the morning as I was getting ready I called in the help of Auntie Trish and Miss Bonnie to help with Hannah’s hair.  (It’s such fun having all 3 families in rooms next to one another!!)
The day was scheduled to be a shared with a friend and her family (Andrea and I work together) but unfortunately a nasty bout of food poisoning kept her in their room.  Wes and Sarah were still up to a day out so we met at Epcot in time for breakfast with the Princesses in Akershus located in the Norway pavilion.
The first princess the girls met dressed in her formal wear was Belle.IMG_4894
Followed by AuroraIMG_4904
Snow White and finallyIMG_4908
After breakfast we headed next door to the China pavilion where Hannah was able to meet Mulan!!IMG_4913
So many people commented on ‘Princess Mulan’ as her costume is not easy to find.  (I ordered this one from It was adorable as many people (cast members and other guests at the park) bowed to her throughout the day and some even said they would be over to visit her in China and get her picture and autograph.  So sweet and Hannah soaked it all in!
A visit to The Living Seas is often completed with pictures near the fish of Nemo.IMG_4921
During our travels we met Chip and Dale who also bowed to Her Majesty.  Sweet!


  1. Awwwwwww, you little Mulan is adorable!! Absolutely love it!!!

  2. Hannah is adorable in her princess attire! I wish I had Belle's dress for Halloween!!

  3. Will you 2 be participating in Mickey's not so scary Halloween party? How many kids get to trick or treat twice in a year!

    1. No, not this year. Sure looks like fun though and each night of the party we enjoy people enter the MK in their costumes! Kids and adults alike and many go all out. So fun!!

  4. Oh my goodness! I love how into it she is! She's the perfect mix of adorable and stunning in that outfit. 😊 Looks like another great Disney holiday.


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