Sunday, July 07, 2013

San Francisco–The Evening Edition

After saying goodbye to our Oregon friends who had an early flight out, I heard M3 utter one word, ‘Ghirardelli?’ which resulted in an excited ‘Yes!!’ from the Canadian crowd!  Well…at least the mommy of the Canadian crowd.   Once the little Canadian found out what Ghirardelli involved she was fully on board just like her Mama!IMG_2180

We jumped in the van and headed to this wonderful San Francisco landmark and as usual, the place was hopping!  We placed our orders and then while Auntie M and family held our spots at a coveted table, Hannah and I went to the back to see chocolate being made.  Oye!  I can still smell it now!!IMG_2185

Yes, that is a huge vat of chocolate behind us!IMG_2183

Rollin’, rollin’, rollin’.  Keep that chocolate rollin’.IMG_2188

Soon after we returned to our table our amazing desserts were delivered!  Can you smell the chocolate?IMG_2189


Good to the last drop!  And yes, given the opportunity I’m pretty sure my girl would have licked her dish clean.IMG_2193

Just in case you thought we’d had enough chocolate, um, no.  Uncle Scott – this one’s for you!  (LOL!  Can you tell the sugar had kicked in by then?)IMG_2194

We purchased 2 little bars of chocolate and left the store with full tummies and chocolaty smiles on our faces.IMG_2195

We tried to hit one more famous San Francisco landmark before leaving the city, Lombard Street, but it was crazy busy!  IMG_2201

We were about 30 cars from the crest of the hill but didn’t budge more than a car length or 2 in 20 mins so decided to leave that for another trip.  TubaDad was able to drive us closer and we walked to the top though and captured this beautiful picture with the Golden Gate bridge in the distance.IMG_2206

What a beautiful city San Francisco is!  If you ever have the opportunity to visit, go for it!  There is much we’d like to come back and experience another time.  Riding the Trolley Cars, Lombard Street, the Wharf, a tour of Ghirardelli’s….just to name a few!

Hmmm….what are you doing next July Auntie M?  Here’s hoping for another flight bump on Wednesday!


  1. A little confession...I'm a little green right now. I have also always wanted to go to San Fransisco. I have been to the airport for a layover on our way to China but that isn't really qhat I meant LOL.

    What fabulous tour guides you had.

  2. Chocolate is always the best at Ghiradelli's. That is a great pic of Lombard and the Golden Gate. Tuba Dad is the best.

  3. Having lived in SF, it is indeed magical, but also very expensive.

    What is the orange drink Ro was having?

    1. Ro chose a lemonade fizz which was delicious too. She also nibbled oh the others so had her fair share of chocolate too.

  4. I believe that's the Bay Bridge and not GGB. Glad you had a great time in my city. :)


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