Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Puppy and Fairies and Shopping–Oh My!!!

Tuesday was a kick back day filled with a little bit of this and that. 

The 3 girls started their day as they spend most days when given free time at home – destroying hanging out in the playroom.  Hannah has quickly fallen in love with Dusty and I’ll be shocked if pleas for a puppy don’t follow us home.  Oye!  Goldie her fish will have to suffice for now.IMG_2044


We had decided the day before that purse shopping was on the roster of  AM  activities.  The girls decided they needed to dress up for the occasion which resulted in many to smile as they twirled, leapt and spun around the mall.IMG_2047

Since our past experience in purse shopping had been a marathon affair, we went prepared with LeapPad and iPads in hand.IMG_2054

Once the girls were settled M3 and I set to the matter at hand – finding a new purse.  IMG_2055

I walked around with my jaw open as names like Coach and Vera Wang lined the shelves.  Surprise, surprise though – we had a great time and before we knew it the winning bag had been selected!  It met the requirements of:  cross-body strap, lots of pockets and a new one – totally hides the butt!IMG_2057This last ‘happy bonus’ was a new one I wasn’t aware of but can fully appreciate and may instil myself the next time I go purse shopping….at Target or Walmart!  Winking smile  It was a successful adventure in purse shopping and one I will happily do with you again M3! 

The girls in turn were disappointed that we were done so quickly as they were quite enjoying their time together and the rare treat of shopping with electronics in tow.IMG_2060

After a yummy lunch that included the promised aioli and French fries we made a final stop at a grocery store.  My Disney lovin’ gal spotted gift cards immediately which is not something we have at home.  She thought they were pretty neat and asked me to take her picture.IMG_2061

The final event of the day was a big one for both mommy and Hannah!  Ro and Ree’s babysitters came for the evening and watched the 5 girls while the adults went out for dinner.  Hmmm…I wonder if Hannah was seeing double when she was surrounded by 3 groups of twins!First Babysitters!  July 2, 2013  4yo

We enjoyed a delicious Italian dinner in the city and the girls had a blast together!  Hannah ran and jumped into my arms when I walked in the door and covered me with a bunch of kisses and then told me about the fun they’d had together.  Her first babysitting experience was a huge success.  Yay!


  1. How awesome is that - for the twins to be babysat by twins? I think that's great! Super that Hannah's first babysitter experience went well. Love the photo of everyone on the stairs! Sounds (and looks) as though you're having a great holiday. Gotta love summer!

  2. I love the pic of Hannah in the black chair. She looks like a movie star taking a break between scenes! So cute!

  3. See you soon, oh gotta go the oventimer is ringing!

    1. Mmmm...the only thing better than Apricot Dream Bars are Apricot Dream Bars warm out of the oven!!! Deeelicious! Will be leaving within minutes and will race the kids into your house! :o)

  4. What fun! We have the same costume the twins are wearing! We probably have at least one of each costume that company makes! Lol. Cant wait to see you!!


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