Friday, July 05, 2013

A Day of Recovery

After the fun of party prep and playing early into the morning of July 4th, we decided a quiet day at home was the perfect plan.  Hannah first woke up shortly after 7 but was easily convinced that it wasn’t time to get up yet and promptly fell back to sleep until 9ish.  Ah yes, that’s more like it!

We came downstairs to find that sadly the post-party clean-up fairies had not shown up while we were sleeping so we had a big job in front of us!  IMG_2105

Grasping this fact we did what we excel at….we napped!  Even Dusty was exhausted from the previous night’s festivities.IMG_2106

The girls were also in quiet moods and we suddenly realized it was eerily quiet upstairs.  K2 went up to check and quickly called for photographers and we came running.  How sweet is this?  I love that all 5 girls enjoy reading.  Well – 4 read and one enjoys the pictures but reading is beginning and that’s something exciting happening in our home!!IMG_2112

Shortly after this K2, Hannah and I hopped in the van to pick up a few last minute groceries.  As hoped Hannah dozed off almost immediately and K2 quickly offered to stay in the van with her while I shopped.  Thanks K2!  We picked up the last ingredients to make delicious Chicken Enchiladas for supper (or dinner as my west coast friends call it.)  Regardless – they sure were yummy!

After supper it had cooled off enough that a trip to the pool was in order which is always something the girls enjoy.  This time I went in with Hannah and she spent a lot of time without her water wings.  She’s doing so well and with a little more strength she’ll be swimming up a storm!  She has the confidence and now her strokes just need to catch up with that.

We came home and ended our day with a wonderful treat for the girls – a sleepover!   Hannah stayed with me as normal and the 4 big girls shared the twins’ room.  They did great and quickly fell asleep.IMG_2116

A good night’s sleep was in order because Friday we were heading to San Francisco for a day of exploring the city together.  Fun!!!  I was there briefly one time about 5+ years ago and have always wanted to go back!  Tomorrow is the day!


  1. good morning and safe travels today. Guess what is for breakfast this morning?

    1. Mmm...dream bars! Enjoy! Wish I'd thought to pack some up & bring them with me! I think I had too much Ghiradelli's in my tummy and the chocolate clouded my judgement. ;o)


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