Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Weekend Cuteness

Hannah is a bright light in so many lives!!  Here she and GG are playing together Sunday afternoon.  So sweet!!

A walk in her beautiful dress from Ro wearing her pink rain boots. 

Can I say I love the ways motherhood has changed me.  Before Hannah if you’d asked me if I’d let my daughter play in puddles in her Sunday dress or, pair the dress with rain boots, I’d have definitely said, ‘No way.’  One of the many things I’ve learned from Hannah and other moms around me is that life is far too short to worry about keeping dresses neat and pairing shoes with them.  Sure, on Sunday mornings for church she is dressed nicely with her hair combed and matching shoes but once church is over it’s fair game.  As long as she’s not painting or something like that I let her enjoy being 2 in whatever she’s wearing.  (Thank you M3 for teaching me this very important lesson!)IMG_0341

Check out those adorable little knees!IMG_0346

Stopping to smell the flowers.  Hannah and I hung out in front of our house for almost an hour just playing in the dandelions.  One more lesson learned.IMG_0347





  1. What kind of video camera do you have? Your video's always seem to turn out nice and the sound is clear. Thanks, Kim.

  2. Hi Kim, The majority of me videos are shot with a Flip Ultra HD camera. Lurve my Flip!!! One of the best investments I ever made!

    The video in this post was captured on mt point 'n shoot Canon S95. Hope this helps.

  3. Not to mention the incredible photos you (and M3) get from letting your girls play in party clothes! Hannah looks particularly beautiful in these, I think.

  4. Sweet!! The girls saw this post and immediately shouted "That's Ro's dress!!!!" Funny. Hannah looks adorable in it.

  5. Placing the two of you together does appear to be an auspicious match - in a feng "xiao" kind of way.

  6. Love the dressed up fun play!! I love the cuteness that abounds.

    Keep smilin!

  7. Oh my goodness! I remember when Ro wore this dress and the pictures M3 posted of the girls and then the post when she gave the dress to you long before you even received Hannah's referral. Now she's wearing it and I can't believe how time has flown. She looks adorible in it.

    I loved reading this post because I, too, had to decide to let go and let the dresses get messy. I even let my daughter eat her first ice cream cone today in her Sunday dress. Funny enough, it wasn't the ice cream that made the mess, but a runaway grape that had cake frosting on it!


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