Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Wow! Can’t believe all this happened in only an hour.

Saturday morning I was tidying the downstairs when I heard the neighbours on each side of me outside talking.  Not being one to want to miss out on socializing I tore myself away dropped the cleaning cloth, picked up Hannah and we went outside to chat.  I quickly realized the new neighbour was having a garage sale.  One item she was selling was a couch.  She said it was still in good condition and she’d only replaced it because she needed to purchase a sofa-couch for company.  I tried it out on the driveway and it was super-comfy.

I’d purchased my current couch DSC_6851when I bought the house 14 years ago and I’d realized over the past few months that I needed to begin saving for a new couch as the cushions were worn and the springs were beginning to go.  The one the neighbour had was $15 so it fit the budget for sure!  (Especially since I hadn’t actually saved anything for a new couch.)

Within an hour I:

  • purchased a new couch
  • cleaned the old one (and under it)
  • the neighbour’s sons moved out the old couch and moved in the new one
  • cleaned the new couch and,
  • my parent’s picked up the old couch and delivered it to the thrift store they volunteer at!

Phew!!  What a difference an hour makes!

Here it is.  DSC_8222Much like the old one but with much more comfortable seating.  Hannah approves as she’s still able to have full access to the counter and sink which of upmost importance to her right now.  Smile

I’m guessing it’s a good thing it was only $15 because as I’ve been typing this post I’m pretty sure my fridge has let me know it’s on it’s last legs.  I could hear dripping and pulled out the fridge to find a puddle behind it and it dripping at a steady rate.  The fan was also not running.  Uh oh!  I called my dad and we’re pretty sure it might be done.  I quickly moved all the frozen food down to the freezer in the basement.  Then, about half an hour later the fan started going again and it’s cooling.  That’s a really good thing!  I’ll begin to look for a new fridge over the next few days. 

Tonight I’m thankful it decided to drip when I was home rather than on the weekend when I was away.  Also, it happened while I was still up and could get it cleaned up.

Now, my question to you.  Are there things about your fridge that you really like that you’d recommend I look for?  Freezer on the top or bottom? Looking forward to hearing your input.

**Update** It’s now 24 hours since I wrote this post and since emptying the freezer it’s been working perfectly.  So thankful!  Has anyone had something like this happen where it begins to leak water and then works fine after that?  Hopefully it was just a heads up to start looking for a replacement.  I’ll start looking, read Consumer’s Reports and keep my eyes on the sales flyers.


  1. When we moved in here, we bought a new fridge. We got one with an ice maker and water filter/dispenser on the outside of it...I LOVE that thing.
    If your budget can afford, I would encourage you to get one like that. We got ours at Home Depot (18 months no interest with a home Depot credit card, so it was really affordable).

  2. NICE!! Well done, friend.
    We have a freezer on the bottom fridge and we will never go back to the other kind. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!!

  3. Freezer on the bottom...saves electricity as heat rises.
    You were lucky to have warning.
    Mine died 4 weeks ago on a weekend night. No spare freezer. Lost lots of stuff.

  4. Freezer on bottom!! Love mine... less waste in the fridge because everythings at your eye level in the fridge and you don't use freezer as often as you do the fridge! I will never go back to top freezer!! At least get one with french doors for fridge and a bottom freezer!!

  5. This happened to my fridge before too, my maintenance man said maybe the door wasn't closed properly (I am sure I closed the freezer door, but I digress) Well my fridge still works great and that was 2 months ago.

  6. Congrats on scoring a new sofa, great price. Tell you what, I'll trade your dodgy fridge for my second story HVAC system which just bit the bullet this week now that the temps have climbed into the 90's.

  7. My freezer has done as you described a couple times. Each time it was my fault-the door hadn't shut all the way.

    Nice couch - great price!

  8. (Long time reader, first time commenter!)

    That used to happen to our freezer when we put too much in it. We redistribute things and it tends to solve the problem.

    We were lucky in getting a second hand side-by-side fridge with an ice/water dispenser years ago, and that has completely spoilt me - they are wonderful! But bottom-freezers are my next choice; we access the fridge more than the freezer, so it makes sense to have easier access to the fridge.

  9. Ooh-la-la love the new couch and you can't beat the price!!!

    We have the french door on top/freezer on the bottom fridge and love it! Sears has pretty good prices (are they in Canada?) and their brand, Kenmore, is a good brand.


  10. My mom's frig did that, started working again but then did it again & didn't recover. :-( We have french doors on top & freezer on the bottom. - Love it!! There is much more freezer space than a side by side. My one regret, the ice maker. I didn't notice until we had it home & installed that it only makes cubed ice, not crushed.

  11. Hi Catherine!!
    First, the post below about Hannah's love of Disney was SO CUTE! I also used to find Mickey everywhere I went, I adored Mickey and Minnie. (Winnie the Pooh has since taken my top spot!)

    My parents have freezer on the bottom and I don't like it at all. Their freezer has a door - it's not the pull-out drawer kind. With the door design, it takes away some of the room in the fridge so their fridge space always feels a bit tight. I've taken a look at the freezer on the bottom/drawer style and they seem MUCH better designed.

  12. We have a fridge with the freezer on the bottom and it's a pull out drawer. The refrigeration part on top has two side by side doors. We love it! There is an ice maker inside the freeze rather then dispensing though the drawer. I like that as my parents door dispenser is always getting jammed. With ours you just reach right in. It also has a water dispenser that is inside in a corner rather then on the door. I like that it's not just out and temping for my kids to play with. It's Maytag brand. I would buy the same one over again if I had the chance. It's 4 years and has never had a problem.

  13. Yes, freezer on the bottom!* With pull-out racks.
    Glass shelves, not wire racks, in the fridge. Adjustable storage, gallon-size, on door(s).

    *I'll never go back.
    Very reasonable at Sears, Lowes, and Home Depot and worth the extra $ due to less waste.

  14. Glad you were able to tear yourself away from the cleaning :-)

    I haven't had that happen to a fridge, but if you end up buying a new one I would recommend freezer on the bottom (gives you a lower utility bill than if it's on the top or side) and not a two door fridge because you have less space with them, especially for produce.


  15. How lucky are you with the new couch? 1000% improvement. Perfect color and everything. Its just beautiful.

    Re the fridge, call me old-fashioned but I'm a side-by-side girl. You couldn't pay me to have a freezer on the bottom. My bad back makes it impossible.

    Other MUSTS are glass shelves and ice dispensed through the door. With side-by-sides, I like the ones with the ice bucket in the door itself, as it makes it real easy to take the whole thing out, or reach in and get a bunch of ice at once. In Miami, ice is VERY important!

    Happy shopping.


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