Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Waiting for Hannah ~ Apple Picking Style

One final apple picking post for 2010. 

As I was going through the pictures that we took a couple of weeks back I was reminded of just how patient Rebecca and Victoria were as they waited for Hannah to come home and how much they grew and changed into the beautiful young ladies they are today.  When they first learned about Hannah they were just 6 and 7 years old respectively yet they always talked about her and asked about when she was coming home.  It was a wonderful encouragement to have these 2 little cheerleaders by my side as together we waited for God to bring Hannah home.

Here is a quick photo montage of the girls as they waited with me.

2005 – I was finalizing my dossier when this picture was taken.  Look how little they were! 2005

2006 – DTC March of 2006 and at this point my file had been logged for 6 months.2006

In 2006 Rebecca and Victoria also made this adorable video for Hannah after they’d created pages for her Blessings Book.



2009 – We had Hannah’s referral in hand and knew every bit of her beautiful pictures by heart.  I would be travelling to China just weeks after this pic was taken and our day was filled with excited chatter of how next year Hannah would be with us!!!  I think the girls spent over 2 hours this day oooing and ahhhing over the adorable little clothes that filled Hannah’s closet.


2010 – Hannah is here!!!  The girls began talking about our annual ‘Apple Picking Sleepover’ in January of this year and we were all excited that this special day was finally here!  2010

I will be forever grateful for the precious friendship Rebecca and Victoria share and for the multiple blessings I have received by being their Auntie.  Hannah is already in love with her older cousins and I love to see them sharing time together!


  1. Made me get all tearful looking at them grow up and then Hannah is there...

  2. Oh, this recap made me cry... It was such a long wait for Hannah, but definitely worth every minute!

  3. A long anticipated and precious moment.

    Keep smilin!


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