Saturday, September 25, 2010

Hannah’s First Apple Picking Adventure!

I had so many great pics and videos of Hannah’s first apple picking adventure that I wanted her to have a post all her own. 

There were tears in my eyes more than once as we shared this time together!  After years of hoping and dreaming Hannah is Home and this was one of the many times that I still find myself pinching myself, believing that it’s true!  Hannah is here!!!

Imported Photos 00131

Imported Photos 00127

Imported Photos 00139

Imported Photos 00141

Imported Photos 00174



Imported Photos 00190

Imported Photos 00197

Imported Photos 00200

Imported Photos 00194

Imported Photos 00191

That’s All Folks!!!


  1. she is absolutely the apple of your eye!

  2. She is such a little "cutie". Lovely pictures on a lovely little girl!

  3. I am so happy that your dream came true! I love seeing dreams come true. What a magical day. Your pictures are gorgeous! And Hannah is as adorable as can be.

  4. So happy for you....and i LOVE the last pic of Hannah, priceless !!! God Bless you and Hannah with many more wonderful times together.

  5. She is simply adorable!! And I think she knows it! =)

  6. I can imagine your tears and the joy in your heart! I'm so, so happy to see this years apple picking pictures with your beautiful daughter at your side! Enjoy that warm feeling!


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