Friday, September 17, 2010

The Final Piece of our 'New Normal'

Yuck! Yesterday the final part of our 'new normal' began and it was t-o-u-g-h!!

I have taught piano for the past 11 years and last evening we started our new semester. The HUGE difference this year is that I am back at work now which means that Grandma picks Hannah up from daycare on Thursdays and takes her to her place while I come home to teach. In the end we were apart for more than 12 loooong hours! I hadn't been away from her for more than about 9 hours until yesterday so it was a new challenge for both of us.

Hannah seemed to handle it much better than mommy. Kids are just that way. (She had a rough period in the night which could be due to our separation...or teething, or whatever but the guilt makes me think it's because of our separation. Oh the guilt!!) Hannah loves her grandparents so spending time with them is always a treat for her. I did well being apart until Mom called to ask a question and suddenly I was sitting there with a student at the piano and me with tears in my eyes. Oops!

I enjoy the teaching and it was fun to get back into it and the extra income just helps ends meet a little better right now but being apart from her is still yucky! One thing that I changed this year and am happy that I did is that all my students are on one night now so that Hannah and I only have to be apart one evening and I only have to ask my parents to care for her one evening a week too. That part is a good change.

So, we're into our new routine and I know it will be just fine. Thursday's will be long but Friday's and the weekend will be just around the corner and we'll have lots of time to share together then! Yay for Friday!!!

This weekend we have one of those 'We can't wait until Hannah is home to do this with us........' events coming up! Stay tuned for lots of pictures and stories of our time together.


  1. Awww! I'm sure it will get easier in time but it sure does suck right now.

    But you're both troopers so I know you'll both be fine!

  2. How has Hannah been doing at daycare? I have been thinking about her each day around the time I start making dinner because I know from when I had my in home day care that that is usually the time kids start being ready for Mommy or Daddy to come get them :)

    I have a feeling she is doing great!

  3. Hugs...ahh the guilt we feel. You r both doing great!

    Keep smilin!


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