Thursday, November 19, 2009

Spin Ball by Tiny Love

This great little ball was a gift from Hannah's Auntie Michelle and Uncle Mark. They sure knew what they were doing when they chose this toy! Hannah absolutely loves it and it will always bring a smile even when she's having a tough time!

It's by 'Tiny Love' and is called a 'Spin Ball.' They're not easy to find (I looked for one for ages but Auntie Michelle and Uncle Mark came through) but are well worth the search!


  1. We are so glad that the Spin Ball was a success!!!

    Hannah was certainly worth the search!!

  2. Good morning! Just checked your postings and have already gone to to order one of the Spin Balls for my 8 1/2 months old granddaughter for her Christmas stocking. Thanks for follow up! I also checked Target online and they have so many baby blankets but I did not see Hannah's favorite Ladybug one.
    I am enjoying seeing Hannah's sweet,easy smile and reading all about the two of you together.

  3. Ditto on the thumbs up for the spin ball!

  4. I Heart that toy! I gotta get one for Daphne.

    Keep smilin!


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