Friday, June 12, 2009

A Bit of This `n That and...Hey, That Wasn`t So Bad!

As you can tell, life has been a little busy and not a lot of new or unusual stuff has been happening so posts have been few and far between. That will all change soon as I head out for some Salsa lovins in just a few sleeps! Yay! This trip was an unplanned surprise when sadly Sharon and I had to cancel our BC trip due to her dad`s health. Please continue to pray for grandpa. He`s doing some better but his family are still faced with challenges and our heart`s desire is that he is moved closer to home as `the system` moved him to a location 35 mins away from home a couple of weeks ago. The travel makes life more challenging for sure but so far we`ve still been able to spend time with grandpa on a daily basis. For that we are thankful. A little tired...but thankful. Trusting God as we wait to see what plans He has for grandpa's continued care.

Tonight he and I went out on a `date` to Swiss Chalet. What fun!! It was adorable when I showed up at the hospital and he was waiting for me at the nurse`s station. He knew I was coming to take him out for dinner so he surprised the nurses and me by dressing up in a shirt and tie for our date! We had fun and I know it was a treat for him to get out of the hospital for a couple of hours too. Love you Grandpa!

A HUGE congrats to Kris who recently received a referral for her sweet daughter Ellis Gao Mei. Oh Kris....Ellis is an adorable little girl!!! You have waited so long and so patiently and I am SOOOO happy for you!! Congratulations!!

Now, how do I segway to my next topic? Guess there isn`t an easy way so I`ll just jump in there. This week I experienced my first m*mmo. Hmmmm...interesting. Not nearly as uncomfortable as I`d thought but I believe a lot of that has to do with the new machines they have compared to those I've heard of in the past. It took only a few minutes, was a little uncomfortable but nothing like what my mind had created it to be. I'd heard they'd squish the girls to shapes they'd never known before but this just wasn't the case. Thankful for modern technology! If you're of an age that this is something you should be having done I'd recommend you not let the fear of the potential pain stand in your way. It was a little uncomfortable for seconds each time but never once painful.

Now, if you've been around here for any amount of time you know that I have a way of creating 'situations' for myself even when I don't try to! Hmmm...the infamous crazy glue post comes to mind. As much as I was happy with how well my first m*mmo experience went, I guess I was a little more nervous than I realized and when she was done I just wanted to get out of there! I dressed quickly and headed to work breathing a huge sigh of relief. Fast forward 2 hours later when suddenly I remember the ummm...'bandaids'... with the metal beads that the technitian had me put on the tip of each of the girls. Sure enough a quick check (TMI??) and I realized that they were still there!! Oops! Thankful to be wearing a slightly bulky sweater that day...and for not flying and having had to have passed through a metal detector at the airport...I decided to leave them in place until I wasn't in the middle of the coffee shop! Can't imagine how I would have explained this one if I had been flying! Anyway, later in the day I was able to remove the bandaids. Note to all: DO NOT rip them off quickly like a normal bandaid! **OUCH!!!** Attempting to do so will encourage an instant yelp, tears and wonder as to how bad it would be to wear these bandaids permanently??? Deciding that wasn't an option with my upcoming flight to Salsaland on Monday it was time to remove those things and I'd say slow and steady wins the race.

What's the moral of this story? The worst part of the entire m*mmo was removing those silly bandaids! I'm wondering if they used crazy glue on them??


  1. Great pic of Dad. So glad you had such a wonderful evening.

    Now...about those 'bandaids'...I've had several m*mmo's and I haven't got a clue what you're talking about!

    Have a wonderful trip Cathy!!! Can't wait to see the pic's you'll post. I feel like I actually KNOW this family! LOL


  2. BTDT. But I'm so glad the torture techniques have improved. I'm almost (!!) looking forward to my next.

    Enjoy your trip to Salsa land. I'm looking forward to the fun pictures.

  3. I need to schedule one of those soon, I'll surely remember your tips about the tips. Hee hee.

    Grandpa and you look so cute!

  4. Love the cute pic of your date night. I am chuffed that you are visiting with the fab Salsa fam. Hugs from me!

    Yeah for the mammo and you had me in stiches (or should I use bandaids?!?)

    Keep smilin!

  5. Not looking forward to the day that I have to get one of those. Blech!

  6. LMAO!!!!LOVE YOUR POST........Love the photo of you and grandpa....sweet!

  7. You really do like older men don't you!! Glad you had a good date!

    Good for you for getting your mammogram. I too have had one and didn't think it was as bad as I thought it was going to be. However, I don't remember having 'things' on the end of my boobs...

  8. I had to laugh out loud when you mentioned the "band aids". Thanks for posting. I had my first mammo about two years ago and I remember returning to work to blast my co-workers for not bothering to mention that part of the procedure - ha! Take care, Noella LID March 22, 2006

  9. Oh my gosh, can you IMAGINE if you'd worn those special accessories to the airport tomorrow and set off the security alarms??!! Dying just thinking about it (and not laughing at all, no no, not a bit, bwah ha!!!!!)

  10. I haven't had a mammo yet... probably should check that out?!

    Oooo!!! Salsa Time!!!

  11. Great picture of your 'date night'. :)

    I laughed out loud when I read about your mammo...and I'm glad you discovered it before you travelled.

    Have a great time in Salsaland!

  12. What a great post!! Glad you had a nice time with Grandpa and that you've got your mammo behind you. I've never had one, but that cartoon makes me want to run in the other direction!!

  13. Oh yep I remember the little ball bearing things on my nipples from my mammo...geez!

    Glad you and grandpa had a great dinner date.
    Hugs to you.x

  14. Thinking of you as we all anxiously wait for the next batch of referrals!

  15. Oh Catherine I SO love the idea of date night with your Grandpa. Makes me miss my grandparents all the more. So so special that you do such fun things with him no matter what. And the tie and that smile are to die for. Cherish every moment!

  16. It's not that I don't care about Grandpa or your bandaid incident but...where is a post from Salsaland? I always love to see your take of the family!!!

  17. LOL!! Working on a Salsa post as we speak. :o)


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