Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Greetings from Salsaville!

Yay!! It's a wonderful treat to be hanging out with some extra special friends again! This was a surprise trip that came about at the last minute but that only adds to the fun! I arrived yesterday afternoon and the fun began immediately. When the girls woke up from their naps we headed out to supper at Chuck E Cheese's. A great time was had by all! The girls have some unique ways of riding the rides that's for sure! Who knew Clifford's nose was actually a seat??

Today after dropping the girls off at preschool M3 and I headed out for a belated birthday pedicure. When I was here in February we went for birthday pedi's for M3's b'day and this month when we found out I was able to come out she said we'd go again. Yay! A pedi is such a treat and even more so when shared with a friend!

M3 also helped me find my very first pair of flip flops. Can you believe I've never owned flip flops in my entire life??? What's up with that? Normally when I've tried them on that toe thingy has bugged me but she introduced me to 'Yellow Box' flip flops and oh my...they're like pillow slippers! I wore them for the entire day and my feet felt mahhhvelous!

The afternoon was spent hanging out at the Seniors BING0 Hall with Wela and her friends. Here she is ~ up to no good with her friend Janet.

M3 quickly found out that these people take their BING0 seriously! (Well...except for our group ~ see pic above) and she was a little nervous about the whole thing. She decided that the garbage bag intended to hold our losing BING0 cards could be used for other purposes if the stress became too much for her. Thankfully it wasn't needed for that but by the end it did hold our entire table's worth of losing BING0 cards. We learned a tough lesson today. Did you know that if you have a BING0 and don't call it before the next number is officially called that it's too late and you're no longer eligible to win?? We didn't but let's just say someone at our table found out the hard way. Yuck! The good news is that I didn't embarass our group this time by calling a fake BING0, much to the relief of all of us!

M3 brought some of the BING0 cards home with her and the girls quickly picked up on the fun! Go Ree!

PS - For those checking in for lots of pics of the adorable Ro and Ree, please know that I am trying but due to the sheer speed these cuties travel at it's not an easy task catching them in action. I'll keep trying though and promise more tomorrow. M3 and I have posts on the story from 2 different angles. Check in tomorrow for all the fun details.


  1. Are you heading towards Monterey at all while you are here?
    We've met up with the Salsa Girls and the Teague's before and wouldn't mind a rematch! :)
    -Karen (mom to Katie Mei)

  2. You are always having soooo much fun..
    Love the flip flops.. and I can't believe those are your first pair...
    I would live in them if I didn't have to work..
    Have a great time..
    can't wait to see some more cuteness....

  3. Hey Cathy! It was fun to talk to you last night across the miles!

    LOVE your pedi and the bling sandals!!!!! I WANT A PAIR!!!!! They are ADORABLE!!!

    Enjoy your holiday, and I'll be checking back in.

    Love ya,

  4. Have a great time with everyone!! Looks like good times have already started!

  5. Fun, fun, fun!! I can not believe you have converted to F&F!! I adore mine and I am off to check out the 'Yellow Box' flip flops you speak of.

    Enjoy your visit!

    Keep smilin!

  6. Those are some purdy toes you have there.

    I am in SHOCK that you have never had flip flops before - let me tell you - once you flip flip there is no turning back!!

    Enjoy your trip!!

  7. Hey, this is going to be fun - seeing and hearing stories from 2 angles.

    You look like you're having a ball. How wonderful!

  8. So excited you are getting to visit M3 again!!! Wish I was getting to see you though as well!!

    Have a great week together!!!

  9. Glad you're having such a great time with M3, Tubadad and the girls!

  10. CATHERINE CATHERINE CATHERINE HAVE YOU READ RQ???? You could possibly be next!!! If not this month for sure next!!!

    Love, Kristy

  11. Oh you girls have so much fun!! I still cannot get over that you have never owned flip flops.....There is no turning back now.....i am sure you will be hooked!!

    Enjoy your time in Salsaville:)


  12. Have fun out there and good luck keeping up with the girls and the shopping.


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