Saturday, April 29, 2006

Lessons Learned from Crazy Glue guessed it. I used Crazy Glue and ended gluing something other than my original project! Doh!!!

Here's my story:
There was a small clip in the car that was broken so being the 'tool girl' that I am (not!) I decided to fix it myself using Crazy Glue.

Lesson #1: If you notice a small drop of Crazy Glue fly through the air when removing the cap, you can be pretty sure additional glue was on the cap which is now firmly glued to your thumb!

Exhibit A:
This is my thumb which has the little pin thingy (technical name I'm sure!) that caps the tube of very sticky Crazy Glue.

My first thought upon finding this little gem stuck to my thumb was, 'Oh no! Wonder how I get that off?'

My second thought was, 'Oh yes! This is blogging material for sure!'

I came into the house to search the net for possible solutions to my sticky problem. (Hindsight being 20/20 says I probably should have read the packaging that came with the glue for first aid instructions. Doh again!) There wasn't much on the net unless I needed to get Crazy Glue off a counter top or leather upholstery. (I ask you, Who in his right mind would be using crazy glue around leather upholstery?)

After searching and finding no acceptable soloutions on the Internet, I called my trusty friend who works at the library and mentioned that I had a reference question for her. After she and her friends finished chuckling over my predicament, it was recommended that I try to find acitone to take it off. At their suggestion I decided to soak my thumb in nail polish remover.

Lesson #2: After about 5 mins of soaking pin thingy it will still be firmly attached to thumb.

Lesson #3: It will take only 3 mins for the acitone to eat through the glue of a small bathroom paper cup thus creating a second problem to deal with as nail polish remover quickly seeps out of cup onto computer desk!

Lesson #4: It is possible to type with pin thingy stuck to thumb. I did it and have all the stab wounds in my other thumb to prove it!

It was at this point that I realized a trip to the local hardware store was probably in order to see if they had any 'Crazy Glue Unsticker' (not a legal name) in stock. Wardrobe now became the question. It was 20oC (70ish F) outside. Do I wear gloves hoping everyone sporting their shorts and tank tops (Crazy Canadians enjoying the spring) don't notice or, do I go bare handed and hope that the girl cashing me out doesn't notice the bright green pin thingy stuck to my finger and more importantly I don't stab her when paying? Ah...decisions, decisions! While trying to make this decision I learned....

Lesson #5: In the future I will use the bathroom prior to using Crazy Glue! Realizing more harm could be caused trying to deal with this matter, I decided to make my trip to the hardware store a quick one and deal with the other issue later.

Lesson #6: Before going to the hardware store, make one final attempt to remove pin thingy from thumb! Voila....It may come off like nobody's business! No glue remained on my finger nor did it tear the skin on my thumb at all!

After laughing to myself over the events of the previous half hour, it was time to take care of Lesson #5...


  1. YOU CRACK ME UP!!! Loved it, loved it, loved it!!!! Wait til David gets ahold of this information!!!

  2. lol! That is sooooo funny! I'm glad it didn't remove any skin!

  3. Ha ha! That is soooo funny!! Glad your thumb is okay now...

  4. I have glued my fingers together with Crazy Glue. Wiping up excess ALWAYS requires a paper item and a finger WON'T do! That was a fun day in my house!

    Keep smilin!

  5. this is a great story! Loved it. Thanks for the laugh.
    Jenny V


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