Monday, May 18, 2009

Duck, Duck...Fox!!

Tonight Sharon and I went up to visit Grandpa. We went for a walk in the park and even though it was chilly out we enjoyed an ice cream while watching a baseball game.

On our way back the hospital we were shocked to see a fox walk right in front of us! The hospital is in the middle of the city and this is the first fox I've ever seen anytime in my life!

I captured this video while we were wondering what he was up to.

We soon found out that he was looking for a bedtime snack and sadly a duck was his latest catch.

On to better times...Sharon shares a hug with her dad before we left for the night. Love you grandpa!!


  1. Wow! That is kind of scary. Poor Ducky!
    I love the true story of the Three Little Pigs and it reminds me of the wolf saying if hamburgers were cute people would think you were big and bad too.

  2. Wow - a fox in the city - very cool!

    How great that Grandpa was able to get out and enjoy a walk with two beautiful ladies! Hope you all enjoyed it.


  3. Talk about having a "wild" time out on your walk.

    Poor little duck.

  4. WOW.. that is interesting..
    Glad that you both got to visit Grandpa.. time is precious..
    Have a great week.

  5. Wow!! I saw a little guy just like that across the street from our house a few months ago. We live near a ravine, but we're also midtown in a city with a few million people...wonder what's up that the little guys are roaming the streets!


  6. Wow...nature is scary some times and always fascinating.

    I love all the things that you do with Grandpa irregardless of being in the hospital. Ya make it work with the conditions you have!

    Keep smilin!

  7. It certainly speaks of our imposition on our wildlife's space. I feel sad for the poor fox who has obviously been misplaced from his natural habitat due to urban development. Sigh.
    Glad you had a good visit with Grandpa!

  8. Poor Ducky!

    The other day Steph went golfing and a fox grabbed his lunch right out of the golf cart!

    He got some good pictures!

  9. Looks like a good visit with Grandpa, so great you took him out to enjoy the weather and ice cream.
    We have a lot of fox where we live, our fowl and bunny population has really declined the last couple of years. :(

  10. Catherine,

    You are getting so close. Do you think you might be in the next batch?

    The fox thing scares me. I don't know why but they always have. We have them the odd time right here in the middle of Toronto as we live very close to Sherwood Park.


  11. I'm still anticipating a July referral Lea...probably 3 batches out but getting there.

  12. Hurry up Catherine !
    It's time to move some glass pearls in your jars!
    CCAA changed their box today :)
    / Marie, Sweden
    LID 2006-03-23

  13. CATHERINE!!!!!!Do you realize that you could possibly be next !!!! 6 days...How awesome is that!!!! I am sooooo excited for you!!

    Love, Kristy


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