Thursday, January 15, 2009

Citizenship Application Submitted

Our travel group received an email from our agency on Tuesday encouraging us to apply for our children's Citizenship. It's so neat to be taking care of another piece of paperwork that will help to bring Hannah home! When I first began her adoption the process, Citizenship was much more lengthy and intense process but thankfully during the wait the Canadian legislature changed the process and it is now much more fluent. Part 1 is completed now and then Part II will be completed in Beijing.

I sent it off by XpressPost this afternoon but realized when I got to work that I'd forgotten to inculde the document checklist which is clearly stated must be included. Oh no! I quickly called the convenience store that housed the Post Office desk I'd used and he was able to put the envelope aside so that I could go back and add the missing document. I arrived 20 mins. prior to the scheduled pickup time by the mail truck but the guy was already there....waiting patiently for me! Can you believe it?! Not only did they have the envelope ready, he also waited for me to arrive. Thank you Canada Post!

Citizenship is currently taking 4 months from application to approval of Part I. Hoping it won't take that long. Check out my next post and you'll see why!!


  1. A big part and I am glad that you got it done and mailed off!

    Keep smilin!

  2. See what happens when you are a good person, things work out for you... Linda

  3. Yay . . . one more thing to check off the Hannah list. Glad you caught it before the mailman scooped it up and sent it off without the checklist!


  4. I have to do that too. Glad to hear it isn't a pain. Looking at the "instruction booklet" of 30 pages made me worried.

  5. I'm liking this new process... and hoping it doesn't take 4 months to process! Good luck.


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