Tuesday, January 27, 2009

2 Little Beads...

...joined hands and bravely walked from the 'LID's to be Matched' jar over to the 'Referral's Received' jar, late last week. After the 'better than we had dreamed' batch was released it quickly became evident that it was a false rumour but hey, I choose to get on that ride (and oh what a ride it was!) and I don't regret one moment of it!! 2 days is a tiny batch but for those families who had LID's on March 1st and 2nd, those were important dates and new families have now been introduced to their daughters via pictures, name, DoB and other wonderful details. For that I am thrilled as some of those families are ones I have gotten to know online over the past 3 years.

As soon as my file was sent to China in March of 2006 I signed up for a Yahoo Group comprised of families whose files were logged with CCAA in March of 2006. Our group is now comprised of over 450 families!! The Yahoo Group is restricted to families who are adopting but we also have a public website for family and friends to see the beautiful children of our Marching Pandas. If you'd like to follow along, that's where all the new information about precious little ones can be found. There are also a number of Waiting Children who have already been welcomed home over the past 3 years and you can see their adorable little faces there too.

There are now 21 beads remaining in the LID jar which represent the 20 days of files in front of mine plus my LID of March 23rd. My heart is still tracking towards a May-July referral but only time will tell. So close and so excited!!


  1. Thanks for your sweet comments on my blog. Here is the link to the scraping kit that I used to re-do the blog as well as the CNY chart:


    I use the term "I" loosely as I had Tina at The Story of You re-design the blog and she created the chart of the family's zodiac signs. I can barely scrap with paper and glue dots...the digital scrapping is beyond me. But the kit was so cute, I wanted to use it!


  2. Of course we will have a May-July-referral!
    There have been THREE new cut-off-dates during the last 6,5 weeks and that have never happened before.
    I'm so excited to see what will happen next month... hoping for at least March 6th or 7th.
    / Marie & Joacim
    LID 2006-03-23, Sweden

  3. All of those faces are just so precious!!! And we have to be happy about only moving two beads, because at least that makes us two days closer than we were , right!!

    Love, Kristy

  4. catherine-- never posted before, but i check in often-- your attitude towards this wait is so awesome and inspiring-- i wish more people had your perspective and i can't wait to see you get your referral-- SOON!!!!


  5. At least the beads are going in the right direction! Gotta look on the bright side eh?

    So only 20 beads left. Woo hoo! So excited for you my friend.

    Love ya.


  6. At least you are two less beads in the BIG jar..

  7. Two beads = two days closer to your Hannah.

  8. That was me above. Sigh.

  9. Let's all sing..."2 beads down, pass them around, 21 beads left to move!"

    Keep smilin!

  10. 2 beads down, 20 to go! Every bead is a bead closer to little Hannah!

  11. You'll have your referral before you know it!

  12. March!!! YES!!!

    Keep on counting down!!

  13. I am so hoping that March marches right through fast since we are right behind you. Hopefully that picture will be in your hands before you know it.

  14. "Marching" through every month with you Catherine until at last we see Hannah's beautiful face grace the pages of your blog!

  15. I just love that the jar contents on the left is becoming rather sparse.



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