Friday, January 02, 2009

Getting Ready to Hold My Baby Girl Close to my Heart

My cousin Bridget and I are wonderfully close and I shared with her a long time ago my desire to carry Hannah as much as possible to aid in the attachment process. Bridget is an expert on baby carriers and shared so much of her knowledge with me as well as introduced me to the great website, In the summer of 2008 when I shared with her that I'd decided on a BabyHawk she quickly said that she had planned long ago that she would buy whichever carrier I chose as a gift for Hannah! I was overwhelmed as carrying my baby girl close to me has been something I've dreamed about for years and years! Thank you SO MUCH Bridge! Your gift truly is one from the heart!

Pics of the fun while Bridget was teaching me how to wrap and wear my new BabyHawk.
Front Carry

Back Carry

'Uncle Willie' my 'sit in' for Hannah! Thanks Liam!

The fabrics I chose to go with caramel straps are:
Blue Floating Flowers

Red Dragonflies

Thanks again Bridge! Your gift is more appreciated than you'll ever know! Love you! xoxo


  1. looks like you are getting READY! i haven't looked much into the carriers yet. i'd love to know the advantages of the baby halk and cost.
    i will be buying some kind of carrier once we have our referral and i know her size.

  2. LOVE ,LOVE, LOVE the carrier...
    It is sooooo cute..
    Love the dragonflies...
    I can't wait to see Hannah in that carrier..

  3. Oooo... I like that carrier. I haven't heard of that one.

    Happy New Year!!

  4. What a cute carrier! And you must continue to practice with the bunny.

  5. You can practice carrying me around in it, if you like!! I'm a little heavier now that the holidays are over, but I'll eat a light breakfast to make it easier on you. :)

  6. You will LOVE that carrier! Wow! That is a really, really nice gift!


  7. It's sooooo cute on you!!!! :) It'll be even cuter when Miss Hannah is in it as well!!!

    I think you should start your upper body workouts right now though for the next 6 mths!! Going from not caring any baby to one that could be almost 20 lbs can throw your back out quick and then you won't want to be carrying her at all!! I've actually read that a lot on adoption boards. People couldn't stress enough to start weight lifting or something before you travel to help get those muscles ready for baby carrying!!! :)

  8. Looks good on you girl, what a great gift.

  9. I had one and just loved it. It didn't hurt my back at all. Very comfortable for Momma and baby.


  10. That carrier looks good on you girl! :)

  11. Awesome!!! I am borrowing one from Julie.... I still need to load up 20 lbs of sugar and start getting used to the extra weight. Or lose 20lbs... Easier said than done!!!

  12. Totally agree about the "not being used to it" carrying issue! Yikes. My dd2 was way too big to put into a carrier (although I did at the airports), and travelled thru China in a stroller.

    My arms felt like they were breaking! Still do as a matter of fact. I've got one heavy girl!! LOL

    Snick :)

  13. Uncle Willie looks very happy in there. I'm sure he won't mind giving it up for Hannah though!

  14. Hey Cath,

    I'm so glad you are happy with your carrier. Also wanted to add, for anyone that's interested, is an excellent site to find out more about the benefits of wearing your baby/toddler. There are a wide-variety of kinds of carriers that can be used and many moms/dads wear their babies comfortably well-beyond the first year.

  15. waiting and watching and reading with you Catherine.
    there will be squeals of joy from BC when Hannah comes home.

  16. I LOVED my babyhawk carier!! Personally, it worked better for me on my front. It really helped us with the bonding process!!!

  17. What an awesome gift! I'm sure you'll get tons of use out of it . . . especially walking that Great Wall! (oooh, can't wait for those pics!) I totally agree that carrying her will be the best for bonding. We never used a stroller the entire time while we were in China - it was great. I'm afraid you're gonna have to ditch "Uncle Willie" though and trade him in for a sack of potatoes or two in the meantime . . . start working those muscles girlfriend! :)


  18. What an awesome gift! I LOVED that carrier so much, and that website. I picked out the 'Lagoon Pucci Circles' with the reversible fabric 'Seeing Spots' in blue for my boys. I used it the entire time with each of my sons in Russia, whenever we went out shopping or anywhere, and even around the house. It helps tremendously with bonding, you will really love it!

  19. By the way, I agree with those who said lift some weights to gain more upper arm strength! Man my arms were in for a shock when I got my son. It's one thing from gradually going from a tiny newborn to an older baby/young toddler, but going from nothing to an older baby/toddler was a wake up call for my arms when I just carried him without the carrier :) The carrier should definitely help though!
    PS I am looking at the Baby Hawk site and I could NEVER choose just two patterns if I had a girl!

  20. I think Hannah will look much better in your carrier than Uncle Willie! ;) Nice choice in colors too!

    Happy New Year! It was great "meeting" you a couple of months ago.... can you believe you are finally nearing your referral??? We're watching and waiting alongsid you... hang in there!

  21. Love it! Julie and Elisa each have one too and I am excited to order ours in the next few months!!!

  22. Hopefully your wait won't be too much longer now. I know the wait is hard. I saw my Mom and Dad going crazy for my sisters and brother.

    Kennedy-13 yrs old, adopted from China

  23. Very nice carrier...all it needs is one small HANNAH!

    It's your year, friend.

  24. Perfect gift! It is so close I get goosebumps thinking about the day you see sweet Hannah's face. Can.not.wait!

    Blessings for the best year ever!!



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